It’s Summmmmmmerrrr…..


It has been TOO LONG. This summer has been sweet, oh so sweet. In June we took the kids on a road trip to Quantico, Virginia, and Camp Lejeune, North Carolina to see some friends and family.  We were on the road for about ten days, just me, the hubs, and the kiddos. I'll be honest with you about this.  Taking a 24 hour road trip, in an 8 year old car with only semi-functional AC, (with two small kids) was actually.... Drum roll.... of the best vacations I have taken in my life. I was telling a friend that, no joke, it actually felt like a second honeymoon with Oatmeal.  No one was more surprised by this than me.  The week before we left I actually wondered if we would be on the brink of divorce after being confined to a small space with screaming, cranky … Continue reading...

Poppyseed is FOUR…and other things.


Last month, my first born child turned four.  FOUR.  4. Did you know - 4 is not a baby?  4 is not a toddler.  A four year old is a full blown kid. This. Is. Too. Much. She has opinions.  About EVERYTHING. She argues like a 12 year old.  Half of the time, she actually has a point.  The way this child can snap at me makes my HEAD SPIN.  I discipline her on her tone, all the while wondering in my head if that smart mouth may actually serve her well in the real world... if she can only learn to control it.  If she can learn to tame it and use it when it's needed, that confidence and refusal to be intimidated may very well be a good thing. She likes her hair curled or braided.  She asks me daily if she can wear her hair down.  Sometimes the answer is yes and … Continue reading...

Middle Boy is 18 Months Old


Well, actually 18.5.  I’ll begin this post by stating the obvious… I don’t post or blog nearly enough.  But tonight I just HAD to, because we are in such as sweet spot.  This blog is going to be primarily about Baby Middle, who we now refer to as Middle Boy, but I have to mention […]

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a Merry Little Christmas, Indeed.


Ahhhhhh.  Christmas. This year has been so great.  And gone by so fast!  How is it already Christmas Eve, I ask you!? This is my view.  I wrapped one gazillion Santa presents (he ran out of time and asked for my help), baked Jesus’ birthday cupcakes, cleaned out our upstairs AND downstairs toy stash, and […]

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Lola & Oatmeal Do Thanksgiving


This week has been very fun!  Since local schools got out for the entire week of Thanksgiving, I called my sister-in-law Bree to see if I could “borrow” one of her girls.  I took Bella, Poppyseed and Middle to the zoo on Tuesday.  For the record it is SO much easier to take a 1 […]

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Fall in a Nutshell


It’s always slightly intimidating to return to my blog after a few months away.  I am just going to jump in with an overall family update and our family pictures. This time of year is just the BEST down here in Texas.  I’m cuddled up in my fluffy Pottery Barn rope (the one that Oatmeal […]

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Middle Baby is 1 Year Old


My little boy recently turned 1.  I mean, I cannot even believe we made it this far. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.  Middle was a tough baby.  On one hand I feel a bit guilty admitting that because all in all he was and is a healthy kid, and that’s all […]

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Lola returns with a THREE MONTH recap…

I snapped this when we turned onto Oatmeal's parent's road.  She loves the privilege of getting to ride like this once we are off of the main road and on the driveway!  Pure joy!

To say the last three months have flown by would be an understatement.  I cannot believe that my last blog post was April 28!  I have never ever gone so long between posts – ever – and I hope I don’t ever go that long again. We’ve been very busy Griffins over here.  We enjoyed […]

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Lola rants about marriage.

24 year old Lola and 28 year old Oatmeal on their second date.  Disregard the bottom right corner - it was Halloween '08.

Let me start off by telling you that I once told someone out loud that I could not imagine ever fighting with my husband. At the time he was my boyfriend.  Or maybe we were engaged.  It doesn’t really matter, does it?  The point is that we had really never had a fight, and I […]

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Poppyseed is 3 Years Old.

The best part of these pictures is remembering that you were smiling at me.

Dear Poppyseed, You turned three this week.  THREE.  I cannot even begin to tell you how fast this life of yours is passing me by.  I have been keeping a list of things that I just love and want to remember about these days with you.  Let’s jump right in. From the time you were […]

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