Why I hope I have a healthy baby…. BOY.

So if you didn’t see my previous post, you’ll have to check it out.  But now it’s time for me to express my reasons for crossing my fingers that we have a boy.

And again… this is repeating the last post, but I really don’t think Poppyseed is a boy.  I have to admit, if this baby is born a boy, my jaw will probably drop.  It’s not that I don’t think I’ll eventually have a son, I just really don’t think it’s this particular baby.  But, despite the jaw dropping, I’d be THRILLED to have a boy and here is why.

1. The Griffins must go on.  Oatmeal’s parents had 2 boys and 2 girls.  The older son, John, has three daughters.  In order for the Griffin name to continue, it’s pretty much up to Oatmeal to have a son.  So there’s that.

2. Good men are hard to find.  Let’s face it, it can be hard to find a “good guy” these days.  Old fashioned, hard working, conservative, polite, masculine men with values don’t grow on trees.  It was very difficult for me to find a guy who had those qualities when I was single and looking.  It seemed like the guys I’d meet were too busy staring at their big screen TVs or pecking away on their phones to notice I was trying to lift something heavy and offer to help me, or they just simply didn’t know how to treat a girl at all.  But any man raised by my husband is bound to be respectful, both to his peers and to women.  So what am I saying… that I want to be the mother to God’s next gift to women?  Haha!  Maybe I am… maybe I am.  😉

3. Boys are FUN!  Boys are rough and tumbly and playful.  So they are kind of dirty and stinky at times… eh.  A little dirt and stink is good for ya. 

4. The earlier we get a boy out of the way, the less I’ll have to be pregnant.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy pregnancy, but there’s a limit.  I think I’d have to have 5 daughters before Oatmeal would finally throw in the towel. 

Welp… guess we’ll see….

girl or boy?  what do you think?

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