Lola and Oatmeal Booked a Trip to the Beach!

Lola here, and boy am I excited!

I still remember my first trip to the beach.  I was invited by a friend from school when I was around 13 or so, and her family had rented a condo on Orange Beach.  I was sold!  It could not have been more fun and from that point on I wanted to go back every summer.

It was several years before I was able to return, but in college my BFF Anna and I started to go to Destin almost every summer.  Then last year, right after I found out I was prego with Poppyseed, we went to Key West.

We are very good beach bums.

You could say that we have our share of fun.

Well, I’ve been really aching to get out of Texas, and Oatmeal has actually never been on a “beach trip.”

Nor has he ever wanted to.

I know, it’s crazy.  But honestly he just isn’t one who jumps for joy (or jumps at all) at the thought of going to the beach.  He doesn’t really understand why anyone would want to “lie in the sand under the hot sun and sizzle like bacon” is how he puts it.  So I have brought up a beach trip a few times and honestly, it just never goes anywhere.

Until now.

I just decided that, you know what?  We’re going.  We have a baby, and she would look presh in a baby swimsuit.  And it’s one of the few affordable, easy-to-plan vacations I could think of that is relatively baby-friendly.  So, I just went for it and I booked it!

I’m a little nervous about 10 hours in the car with Poppyseed, but honestly she is so good at being in the car these days.  She really just sleeps for the most part, or she looks at her colorful mirror or her carseat mobiles.  I guess she has accepted her fate that she is a country baby and that means a lot of windshield time when running errands.  And she is on such a good little schedule that should be easy to stick to while there.  We are staying on a beach front condo, so it will be simple to get to our room if she needs to be changed or nap or really whatever if for some reason I can’t pull it off on the beach. Plus, Oatmeal’s parents are going to come with us, so the extra hands will help!  Oatmeal’s parents have also not been on a vacation like this (that I know of) and so I’m really happy they are joining us.  I think it will be a really fun new experience.

I can’t wait to see little Poppyseed in a swimsuit for the first time!  I keep looking at the little swimsuits for babies at Target, and are they so cute.  She is probably going to be in something like this.  Adorable!

As for Lola, I am a little intimidated about putting my post-baby bod into a swimsuit.  Not only has my midsection not entirely bounced back (will my belly button ever be the same is what I want to know?), but my mom-butt is not looking any better than it did a month ago.  Don’t get me wrong, I plan on doing more than my fair share of sprints, lunges and situps between now and our departure, but I don’t look for any miracles in the next 4 weeks.  Why oh why did I feel insecure about myself when I was in college I ask you?  I’d give my pinky toe to look like that again.

Okay so last year right after I found out I was prego I had to plan for 2 beach trips.  I hadn’t bought a new swimsuit in years, so I went ahead and went to Victoria’s Secret and tried on some of theirs.  (How awesome is it that VS sells their swimsuits in store now??)  Anyhoo I was only about 6 weeks pregnant and therefore not showing just yet.  HOWEVER my boobs had already started to really get big, and so I had to buy an XL top in all 3 of the swimsuits I purchased.  I remember being a little shocked, but thinking it looked okay and that there were worse things in life than having a perky chest.  I mean that’s one of the great things about being pregnant, right?

One week later Oatmeal and I left for a resort in San Antonio.  We checked into our hotel room and I changed into my new bikini.   I was having a LOT of trouble adjusting my top.  No matter how I loosened or moved the straps, I could not get it to cover myself properly.  I thought, “Oh no…. I think I accidentally picked up the L instead of the XL when I left the dressing room!!  This doesn’t fit, it’s way too small!”

Well no.  It was the XL.  I had just turned into Dolly Parton over the past week.  My tatas were not even close to fitting into those things by the time I was 7 weeks prego.  No matter how I pulled or adjusted, let’s just say that if my boobs had been a clock, you’d have been able to see 5, 6, and 7 o’clock.  Not okay.

And now they are full of milk.  So…. this should be interesting.

I guess it’s time to say goodbye to swimsuits like this….

And hello to swimsuits like this.  I’m 28 going on 88 I tell you.

But you know what?  I will be at the beach, and that is all that matters!

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