Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Independence Day!

First of all, I’m thrilled to report that my sister and her family have made it to the States! When I wrote my last post, all I knew was that my sister and her family were sitting in an airport in Okinawa. They were trying to fly Space-A…hoping to get into 5 empty seats on a flight to the US. When I woke up the next morning, I didn’t have any texts or emails from her, so I knew that was probably a good sign and they had gotten on the plane. Sure enough, at 1:20am the next day, I got an email from her that said they had ended up in Anchorage, Alaska! It was 10pm when she took this picture of her kids sitting in front of the hotel window. I can only imagine that the jet lag combined with the constant daylight was a fun experience for her and her 3 kids!

Soon after that, I got another email that they were in Northern California. The email sounded as if they were completely exhausted from all of the traveling and looking forward to just going to sleep. They don’t have cell phones that work in the US, but I look to hear from them tomorrow morning. I know they’ll be in Texas soon, and I’m so excited!

In the meantime, Oatmeal and I have been able to spend a lot of time at home. We haven’t been doing much, but honestly that’s the way we like it.

Last week a huge tree fell right between our porch and our kitchen. Rather than wait on our landlord to clean it up and haul it off, Oatmeal saw it as an opportunity to play with his chainsaw. He spent the better part of the day outside.

While he worked outside, Poppyseed and I helped by sweeping off the porch and making lunch.

And when I say that Poppyseed “helped,” please note that I use that term loosely.

Side note: This bouncer is the most incredible thing. She is so happy in this thing, and it’s lightweight enough for me to move it. She sits in it in the kitchen while I cook/make coffee. I move it outside to the garage so she can watch me work out. I move it to my bed while I take a shower. I move it to the back porch so we can eat dinner outside in the rocking chairs. It is AWESOME.

Another side note: I grilled the last 2 ribeyes from our grassfed cow while he chopped up that tree. We only have about 10lbs of ground meat and a few roasts left before we are completely out. I cannot believe we mowed down an entire 1/2 cow since March. Time for another. There is nothing better than grassfed beef! We don’t even marinate it. Salt, pepper, grill, eat. So good.

Anyway, this 4th of July was really fun because we had a visitor! My old college friend Megan flew in from NYC to spend a night and meet Poppyseed.

Megan brought Poppyseed a gift. I have no idea if these things are really well known in the South, but it’s called Sophie the Giraffe. Sophie is made in Paris and comes with an actual birth certificate and everything. It’s a really cute little toy that is useful when babies are teething. Babies can easily grasp the skinny legs or neck, and the plastic is all food-grade and safe for chewing. Poppyseed isn’t teething just yet, but I will definitely report back in a few months when she is! Hopefully Sophie will make that transition a little less memorable.

Poppyseed seemed to like Sophie for now anyway.

Since we didn’t have any plans for the Fourth of July, I decided that going to Round Top would be fun. I thought, “What fun! Poppyseed’s first chance to go to a parade!” So Oatmeal, Megan, Poppyseed and I all piled in the car today to go check it out.

As soon as we got there, I realized forgot the stroller. Oops.

Luckily Poppyseed is still little, and Oatmeal had grabbed the Ergo baby carrier on the way out the door. Still a Lola Mama Fail, but it could have been worse. I just wouldn’t recommend taking a 10 week old baby to a parade in the middle of Texas with little to no shade and forgetting the stroller. Just some advice… take it or leave it. 🙂

But we still had fun! The parade was pretty cool and we got some good Mexican food after it was over.

And how festive is her little dress? Too bad I couldn’t find one in my size. I’d have loved to rock that skirt.

Um….right. 😉

Overall it was a really great holiday! I feel really lucky to be living this wonderful life in this amazing country. God Bless America!

Til we meet again.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Yes, Sophie is very popular her too! I have one already 🙂

    Let me know if you need to split the cow- we are almost out of meat too

  2. Logan LOVES LOVES LOVE “Soph” 🙂 Great pics- she is really filling out! And you look

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