Weekend in Pictures

Sissy made it in from Japan last week, and oh was Lola thrilled.

I haven’t been posting much lately due to work, hanging with my sister, traveling to my hometown, etc.  I don’t have much to write about but I did want to post some pictures.

I wish I’d used my real camera, but I was lazy and just snapped with my iPhone.  Most weren’t in focus so I just did a little Cross Process and Instragraming on them to make them look blurry on purpose.

First, Sissy came to visit my little family in Cat Spring.  The first thing we did was get in the car and drive to College Station for the afternoon.  It had been about ten years since she’d last been there.  Below is Poppyseed at the Bonfire Memorial.

Then the next day, I popped Poppyseed in her carseat and to Ruston we went.  Sissy followed us there, which made the rainy drive much more pleasant.

When we got into Ruston, we played.  Sissy played with Poppyseed…

And Poppyseed met her cousins.

She also went for her first swim.  Sans swimsuit.

Which… wasn’t so smooth until she got used to the chilly water.

For the record, when she did get used to it, she loved it.

Poppyseed also met her namesake.

I was so happy to see our sweet Nona.

And Nona enjoyed spending time with 4 of her great grandchildren.

The weekend was over far too quickly.  Poppyseed and I had to say goodbye and return home to Oatmeal.

So we said toodles, and I popped her back in the carseat.

I so loved seeing my Sissy.  Now that I have a daughter, I have to admit I hope for another daughter.  I don’t know how I’d go through life without a sister, and I want Poppyseed to know that feeling one day.

Just not now.  🙂

I’ll leave you with an inside joke, born just this weekend, that my sister and I will share forever.

Definition of a Locust (paraphrased from wikipedia):

A locust can breed rapidly under suitable conditions.  They subsequently become gregarious and migratory.  They form bands as nymphs, and they form swarms as adults.  They can travel great distances.  Locusts are not for everyone as they can be damaging, however in some places are considered a delicacy.

Sissy, we will be Locust 1 and Locust 2 forever more.  We used to just be a band of locusts…. just the two of us in our younger years.  BUT….now that we have found suitable conditions and partners for which to breed, we have begun to build our swarm.

I look forward to many more years of swarming with you, dear sweet Sissy.

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  1. Love it! We had such a beautiful time with you, Michael and sweet baby V. And yes, now that I know the true definition of a locust, I will happily be one with you. 😉

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