New Things Every Day – Poppyseed is 3 Months Old

Tomorrow our sweet girl will be 3 months old.  I cannot believe it.  How this much time has already passed is truly beyond me.

3 months ago today I was 6 days overdue and I just could NOT wait anymore.   I prayed for the best and sipped some castor oil.

3 months ago today I started to feel contractions.

3 months ago today Oatmeal and I looked at each other, and we both knew this was DEFINITELY it.

3 months ago tomorrow she came into the world and EVERYTHING changed.  For the better.  For the best, actually.

Now, I know this sounds ridiculous, but the moment I met Oatmeal I do admit I wanted to have his babies.  Ha.  But… I just wasn’t so sure how I’d feel about them once they were actually here.  I really thought that parenting was going to be nothing else other than a lot of stress, sacrifice, spit-up, and dirty diapers.  And sure, some of those things do come up from time to time.  I wasn’t the baby type.  And now, well, I have to be honest.   I’m still not the baby type.

I’m the “my baby” type.  I love my baby.  I think my baby is the best thing in the world.  I literally love her so much that I already think about having other babies, and the only reason I don’t start that conversation with Oatmeal is simply because I am enjoying Poppyseed so much that I can’t imagine directing any of my attention to anyone else.  I can’t imagine loving anyone else any more.

So…. here’s what’s going on with my baby.  🙂

This week Poppyseed actually slept through the night… twice!  You’d think I would be all rested and stuff, right?  Wrong.  The first night I still woke up at 3am, 4am, and 5am wondering where in the world my baby was and why she suddenly thought she didn’t need me anymore!

I took this at about 6am the morning after she slept all night! She slept from 7pm-6:30am! (I did wake her at 10pm for a dream feed, but put her right back to bed afterward.)

This was the second time she slept all night. 7pm-5am with the 10pm dream feed… a little earlier but still counts as all night in my book.

So she slept though the night twice.  Buuuuuutttt….. after that the last few nights have been kind of iffy.  She is back to waking up at 3am.   It’s really hard to tell if she is waking because she needs to nurse, or if her little internal clock is just still set to wake up that one time out of habit.  The rest of this week will be an experiment.

Next update…

The bumbo is officially in use.  Caylin got us this cute purple bumbo.  She’s a little wobbly, and her chunky legs almost can’t get in and out of the holes, but we like it!

Not so sure if I like this….

Haha maybe it’s fun…. 🙂

Also… she is always sticking her tongue out!  It cracks me up.  It cracks up Oatmeal.  It cracks up random people in the grocery store.  Everyone laughs at this baby who is always sticking her tongue out at them and smiling.

Always eating her hands…

Finally, I am just so happy to report that I have a HAPPY baby.  She is honestly just so easygoing.  I can do almost anything now that I was doing before.  I can take her just about anywhere with me.  It makes me laugh because I did NOT see that coming.  Those first 2-3 weeks were a doozy.  I tell Oatmeal all the time, “Honey I don’t know if she loosened up, or if I just finally got a grip and figured out how to live life with a baby, but it is SOOOO much better now that I ever could have imagined!”  He usually agrees with me and states that it is probably a combo.  🙂

One thing that is really just amazing and surprising to me is how good she is in the car.  Maybe it’s because she is on a good schedule, but she is SO tolerant of long car rides.  She sits/naps happily in the car while we drive the hour to the grocery store twice a week.  And she has been to Louisiana with me twice now, which is a 6 hour trip.  (Now sure, I may or may not have driven all the way from Katy to the Sealy exit with my left hand on the steering wheel and my right hand in the backseat with my finger in her mouth because I couldn’t find her paci and she had just had ENOUGH that day, but on the whole, she is good to go.)

And it’s not just the car.  She is so laid back at home, too.  She is happy in her bouncer.  She is happy on her playmat.  She is happy in my lap.  She is happy in Oatmeal’s lap.  She just smiles and sticks her tongue out and enjoys life.

I’ll stop there because I know I’m sounding like a broken record.   What can I say… life is good.

I mean, all I know is I found them outside like this. No one gives me any explanations.

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