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This weekend a little girl named Ella, 5, came over to the house with her mommy. We had 9 adults and this one little girl. She was sweet as pie. Had great manners, ate grownup food, used glass plates and cups and basically talked to the grownups as if no one had ever told her that she wasn’t full grown. I commented to her mom how great of a kid she is, and her mom laughed and told me she had never been much of a baby person. She said that when she had Ella, she initially threw herself into “mommy activities” such as playdates. Before long she felt like she was going to lose her mind and started just doing some things that she had done in the past before she was a mom, like grabbing lunch with friends in non-kid restaurants. She said it made Ella used to eating on china, using inside voices and speaking to adults, and it helped keep her own sanity.

Now, I should pause here to state that the other child I absolutely adore is my nephew, Walker.  That kid is awesome.  My sister tells me that 4 is a “magical age.”  Perhaps that’s why I loved Ella… since 5 may possibly be “magical.”  Pretty sure I’d have a kid now if I could be promised that a 4 year old would pop out instead of an infant.  

But back to Ella’s mama.  Her other input?   Her husband had stayed home with Ella after a job layoff when Ella was age 1-2. She said she had been amazed at how Ella developed in that year… She became more calm, cried less, stopped having as many tantrums, and slept through the night. She thinks that daddies play a huge role in a child’s development due to a dad’s ability to stay relatively more calm and collected than mothers.   She was thankful that a layoff turned into a blessing in disguise.

Now I don’t see Oatmeal taking a year off of work, nor do I see him getting laid off (thankfully), but it made me think a little more that I could totally do this whole parenthood thing. Oatmeal is amazing with kids, and I can already see myself saying, “Go ride horses with your daddy,” on a near daily basis. 🙂

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