Why I hope I have a healthy baby…. GIRL.

So, not to worry, folks, the next post will be titled, “Why I hope I have a healthy baby… BOY.”

Truly, I don’t care.  But ladies first. 

All of this gender secrecy has been a lot of fun.  But, finally, we are within reach of the best surprise ever!  People ask me ALL the time what I think that the baby’s gender is.  I usually say “Girl” and here are the reasons why.

  1. When I found out I was pregnant, it was my immediate gut instinct.  It was based on nothing, it was just my gut. 
  2. It was Oatmeal’s gut instinct as well.  I told him, “I’M PREGNANT!” and he immediately got wide eyed, plopped down into the recliner and said, “I bet it’s a girl!“  I said “I know, right?  I bet it’s a girl too!“  Again, this was all based on nothing but pure gut instinct.  Since then he has started to have dreams that it’s a boy, so maybe he’s right, but I am going with our initial guess.
  3. I was sick in the beginning.  Like, overly hormonally sick, which makes me think I had a surge of estrogen making me even more crazy than normal. 
  4. I’m gaining weight in my lower back…. and according to all the old wives tales this means girl.
  5. I call on doctors for a living, and every time I ask an M.D. to guess the sex of my baby based on their pure instinct and the way I’m carrying, they always guess girl.  At first when it was just a couple of doctors I just thought it was a coincidence.  Then it turned into several doctors… all guessing girl.   At this point I’ve asked at least 15 customers to guess and literally EVERY SINGLE ONE has guessed girl.  So, now I’m somewhat brainwashed.
  6. Michael may be one of four kids (2 boys and 2 girls) but his older brother John has three daughters.  So, I’m kind of suspicious that there was something in the water in Sealy when they were growing up that diminished the number of possible X chromosomes in their gene pool.  In fact, the Griffins have 8 grandkids so far and the sexes are (in this order) boy, boy, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl.  Yep, there hasn’t been a boy born in about a decade.  I’m starting to think it’s never going to happen.

So, I think it’s a girl and if that’s the truth I will be thrilled.  And here are some reasons why.

Oatmeal is going to be the cutest father that ever lived if he has a little baby girl.  Yes, this is my main reason for wanting a female.  Part of the reason that I fell for Oatmeal in the first place was because we spent so much time with his nieces.  He absolutely loves these little girls and the way he plays and talks to them is adorable.  But, I know it’s going to be even better if it’s his own daughter.  I think it will really soften him up, too.  (And just between you, me, and the fence post…Oatmeal could use a wee bit of softening.)

The thought of raising a tiny Oatmeal is WAY more scary than raising a tiny Lola.  I have to say, I think I was a fairly easy kid to raise.  Now yes, my parents had to put up with quite a bit of drama and sass with me, but overall I have been told I was a good kid.  And mainly I was a SAFE kid.  I wasn’t a huge daredevil.  I never broke any bones or did anything really rebellious, whether I was a young kid or a teenager.  Oatmeal on the other hand was bucked off of horses, riding bareback and getting broken and stitched up several times before he was double digits in age.  So, I’d be thankful to the Man Upstairs if he started me off slow in the parenting department with a cautious little lady rather than a rambunctious little cowboy like Oatmeal.

This is cheesy and obvious, but geez are little girl clothes and accessories cute.  Mothers of boys may argue with me, but it seems like it will be MUCH more fun shopping for a daughter than it would be for a son.  I seriously can’t wait to buy things like this if I do have a little baby girl.  And it doesn’t all have to be pink!

So…. the next post will be why I hope we have a mini-Oatmeal.  Because this family really could use another male!!

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