Our New Normal

The home of Lola and Oatmeal looks a lot differently now than it did, say, this time last year.

This time last year, it was not normal to have a bouncer on our dining room table at all times.   Now, the table looks empty if it’s not there.

Nor was it normal to have a handmade mobile hanging from the ceiling light in the dining room.  (Thanks Aunt Jamie.)  Last week I took it down because people were coming over.  But then, well, I put it right back up.  The baby likes it, and she lives here.  So what’s so wrong with that?  Another part of our new normal.

We also did not have a play mat with owls and birds placed in the center of our bed for roughly 16 hours a day.  Now that’s normal, too.  As is putting the play mat on top of our dresser when it’s time to go to sleep.  And the burp rag on top of the lamp for the late night feedings.

There are lots of “new normals” in our household, and I really love it.

A new normal part of our routine is to read to her.   Yeah, it’s a little early for her to be reading.

But…it seems right.

As do bouncers on the dining room table, mobiles hanging from the dining room ceiling, huge swings set up in the living room, the cloth diaper pail in the bathroom, the play mat on the bed, and the bottles drying on the bottle rack next to the sink.

It’s just a new normal, and it’s pretty darn great.


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