We are moving!

Well one thing that Lola has learned in the past 3 months is that having a baby really CAN change everything.

Ever since Oatmeal and I met, the question of where we would put down roots has been an unanswered question.  I was quite happy in the center of Houston, and he was content to never live east of the Brazos River.  (If you don’t know where that is, well, it’s pretty far away from Houston!)

In fact, we dicussed our zip code preferences during our very first conversation and I still have it in my email.  You see, our sisters set us up on a blind date and first we exchanged messages.  He emailed me and said, “So you live in Houston?  Do you like it?  I don’t like big cities at all.  I hope to never live east of the Brazos.”

I replied and said, “I actually really like living in Houston.  Everything I need is close by… grocery stores, work, shopping, restaurants… I can walk to work AND Whole Foods.”

And then we met.  Fell in love.  Got married.  You get the idea.

At first, we considered just buying an “investment property” in Houston.  We called a realtor and looked at townhouses near downtown.  Then we decided that would mean too far of a commute for Oatmeal, so we started looking in Katy.  Meanwhile, Oatmeal had just booked a B&B for our upcoming wedding night.   We were getting married so far out in the country that a hotel was out of the question, and I went by the B&B a few weeks before the big day to see if it was okay.  I was stopping by just to check it out for my wedding night, but the lady who ran the place said, “I was telling your fiance that I’d like to rent it out for a year and he looked really interested… but he said I’d have to get you on board first.”

How could I say no?  It was beautiful.  It was on plenty of land and he’d be able to ride horses every day after work.  Yeah, my commute would go from 5 minutes to 1 hour. But, I’d been driving that far just to see him when we were dating anyway, gas bill be damned.  It was quiet, the rent was far better than a mortgage in Houston, and it was… well… romantic!  I agreed, and we spent our wedding night here.  And… we never left.

A few job changes later and everything was still okay.  But when Poppyseed was born, it started to wear on both of us quickly that my commute was taking so much time away from her.  We talked about moving until we were both blue in the face, but nothing seemed right.  You see, if you were to put your finger on the map in the most LOGICAL place to live based on where I work and where he works, you’d have your finger in a pretty rough area.  We wanted to put down roots, so we wanted a good community with family values.  We looked at almost every suburb of Houston trying to find something that made sense.  Another seemingly logical thing would be for one of us (probably me, as the non-primary breadwinner of the home) to quit a job and find another one closer to the other’s.  But that didn’t seem to be a good idea either.  I really like my job, and we chose it with starting a family in mind.

We were stuck.  Until we weren’t.

You see, Oatmeal doesn’t dilly dally for long when a decision really needs to be made.  One day I was emailing a realtor who worked even further away from my territory.  Our thoughts were that it was at least close to the city, making errands and weekend life easier.  It would be a long commute for me, but it seemed to be in Poppyseed’s best interest in terms of school zones and such.  It was close to my in-laws, too, a huge bonus if I’d be driving a lot. But right before I clicked “Send” on that button, Oatmeal said, “You know what.  Let’s move to College Station.  I’ll have a longer commute but it’s not that bad.  You’ll be more central to your territory, which I’d prefer if you are going to be working.”

I have never moved so fast.  We are both Aggies, and CS is in a PERFECT part of my territory.  It’s the best of a small town and big town combined.  Honestly, I’ve always said that CS is my happy place, and I mean it.

I emailed a College Station area realtor within about 10 minutes and within 48 hours we were looking at houses.  3 were on land and 1 was in a subdivision.  Frankly, this entire experience has taught us that if we want to buy land and a decent home, we need to keep saving.  The three homes we looked at had less-than-impressive land and homes.  We’d be paying a crazy mortgage and still trying to make pricey improvements.  Not a smart move.  So we went to the fourth one in the neighborhood.  And, we liked it.

Oatmeal liked the big back yard for the dogs.  He also liked how close it was to the ranch where he boarded his horses and practiced roping in college.  He’d still be able to have his horses nearby and rope during his free time.

I liked, well, everything.  The location, the zip code, the school zone, the layout, the ELEVEN CLOSETS (up from 2 closets right now!  2!  one of which is not even walk-in!).

We made an offer.  We got it.  We are moving.

I am living the dream, folks.

I did have to agree to one stipulation.  Oatmeal told me, “Honey we can move here.  I’ll drive a little further every day.  But, the one condition is this.  You can NOT complain if I want to rope until midnight every night after we move here.”

I have never knodded my head so hard!  I think I actually chipped a tooth.

We are excited, if not nervous.  Our closing date is quickly approaching.  I have to give notice to P’s daycare (which makes me sad because I love the owner), and find another one.  We have to pack, find a renter for our house, etc.  It will be crazy.

But I am thrilled!  And so is Poppyseed.  Here are a few pics of our new casa.  I love that there is a baby magnolia tree in the front yard.  Feels like Louisiana.  🙂

I also love the gas stove!

I also love all the built-in shelves because we own SO little furniture.  (Question though, I have zero style when it comes to clothing or home decor.  I’m not a fan of the brick red walls… but what color should I paint it?  My couch is a neutral/beige color and our arm chair is dark brown leather.  Ideas?  I would seriously appreciate your comments.)

Here is the shot of the kitchen from the living room if that helps you to think of a good wall color…


And of course there is Poppyseed’s room.  Nice and neutral.  I can’t wait to get her all settled.

Our room…more built in storage!  Looks like we can put off buying that bedroom furniture another 5+ years.  My 10 year old IKEA dresser can move into the guest room, and Oatmeal will get more than 10 inches of space to store his things.  😉

Note that Poppyseed is a little upset in this picture, as it turns out she was initiating the home, dirty diaper style.  Love that baby.

But she wanted me to tell you all that once she had a change, she was a lot more excited about the house.

I am literally so excited I could jump up and down.  The only downside… no swimming pool!  But both our neighbors have one, and Lola can make friends. I still see many an evening sipping wine with friends and watching the kiddos play.

Life is good.  My husband is awesome.  And no, I won’t complain if he ropes until midnight every night.  I’ll probably just wait on him in my huge bathtub or perhaps get some shut-eye in my walk in closet.

Wish us luck in the move.  Oatmeal will be putting all of our things in his horse trailer and driving it up to the new home by himself.  I can only hope he will sweep it out first.

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  1. Um- your house looks GORGEOUS!!! Congratulations!!!! I know this was really weighing on you- and how lucky are you to live in CS!!!!!

  2. Aunt Fran says:

    Very happy for y’all! Looks like it is beautifully decorated and very well thought out on the floor plan. You don’t need a pool until Violet is much older! The house & yard simply look perfect & the town is ideal. I do believe God intended for this to be your place. Y’all are very blessed!

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