24 more hours in NY! then HOME!

I am on day #11 in NY.  The training here has been extremely beneficial.  I feel as if I have gone from knowing nothing to having a darn good foundation and understanding of this job and industry.  I feel like from this point, I can go home, get a little hands-on experience, and figure out how to be a great pharma rep.

Now that I’ve laid out the positive, on to the whining.  I am homesick.  I miss Oatmeal and I miss hugging him.  I hate going days without actually touching someone that I love.  Phone calls and texts help, but do not suffice.  I haven’t done more than shake anyone’s hand in the past 11 days.  I am one who needs that stress relief that comes with actually HUGGING my hubby at the end of a long day. 

I also miss Tough Puppy and Gooseling.  I miss sitting in my recliner with my dog in my lab (when Oatmeal isn’t home of course, because this is not allowed).  I am one of those people who will need canine visitors when Oatmeal is dead and buried and our busy kids have stuck me in an assisted living facility.  I will thrive if I have an old golden retriever to hang out with. 

24 hours until I am checking out of the hotel and headed in the direction of the airport, and 36 hours until I am actually in my own home.  I can’t freaking wait. 

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