First Sick Day

Yesterday was my first Monday to be back at work full-time after having Poppyseed.

And, today I took my first sick day.  Not because Poppyseed is sick.

Because yours truly is.

I like to think that I am a tank and never get sick.  I mean, we eat right, we exercise, we take vitamins.  And yet, still, on Friday I started to run a fever.  It started really killing me to nurse Poppyseed on one side and so I immediately guessed that I was getting mastitis.  I went into full blown mastitis prevention mode and nursed her often on the side that hurt.  Soon that aspect was better, but I woke up all night Friday night feeling hot and then cold, and then the fever broke at 5am and the sweat soaked the sheets.  I thought, “Whew, that was a close one!”

But… the same thing happened Saturday.  And Sunday.  And yesterday.  And now today.

So here we are.  Day 2 of supposed full time employment, and we have barely moved out of bed today.  It hurts to talk and swallow so I haven’t even really talked to the baby.  My ears feel really closed up and tender.  It’s just not a great day.

So, I called in sick.  Canceled a meeting.  Gave my lunch appointment to my partner.

I hate to call in sick.  I’ve always had sort of a rule for myself that I will not call in sick unless I’m throwing up or feeling so miserable that I could not pretend I felt okay.  At the very least I will work a partial work day, either showing up to work late or leaving early.  But yesterday I put on my suit with a 102 degree fever, and by the end of the day I’d sweat straight through it.  I figured I better not do the same thing today, it should be best to stay home and recover.

And of course I am worried that Poppyseed will get whatever it is that I have.  I really really hope not.  At this point she is 3.5 months old and has not needed a single drop in terms of medication.  No gas drops, no tylenol, nada.  If she is really gassy I give her some chamomile that we brew in the coffee pot.  But if she were feeling as crappy as I am, I would definitely not make her suffer through it and would give her at least some form of medication.

I wondered if I should get her out of the house, call my MIL to pick her up or something so that she did not have to be around me and all my germs.  But then I found this article that said this:

Since most illnesses are caused by viruses that are most contagious before you even realize you are sick, your baby has already been exposed before you even develop symptoms (such as fever, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, runny nose, cough, etc). Continuing to breastfeed will help protect your baby from the infection, because your body produces antibodies to the specific bug that is causing the infection, and you pass them on to the baby in your milk. Often, a breastfed baby will be the only member of the family who doesn’t get sick. If he does get sick, he will usually have a much milder case than the older members of the family.

So all morning Poppyseed and I have snuggled, nursed, and rested in bed.  She has been great.  I keep thinking that I’m so lucky she is not yet mobile.  If I were chasing a toddler while feeling this crummy, that would probably be really miserable.  To be honest I thought that the first time I got sick it would be SO hard to also have a baby, but I am actually glad that she is here to keep me company.  Again, it’s just the stage that we are in – she is happy, healthy, can’t talk back and cannot run away from me yet.  🙂

I kept thinking all day yesterday that maybe I got sick because she went to daycare and brought home germs.  That could be true, but she has been going to daycare twice a week now for 8 weeks.  Which of course means that for the past 8 weeks I have been working in doctors’ offices full of sick people.

I could have also picked up something from somewhere else.  Since she was 9 days old we have been going pretty much anywhere and everywhere…. to numerous grocery stores, Target, the mall, a nursing home, a hospital, her pediatrician, two hotels, the beach, various restaurants.  A few gas station bathrooms to change diapers when we were just that desperate.

So, really, I guess I could have gotten this bug, whatever it is, from just about anywhere.

A quirk about me is that I refuse to go to the doctor when I am sick.  I mean it, I do not think I have EVER been to the doctor for a sore throat or fever type of thing.  I’m sure my mom would take me when I was a tyke, but ever since I can remember I have just “toughed it out.”  Some are suspicious of this quality because I work as a drug rep, and so they suspect I must somehow be in on some type of conspiracy deal that doctors and medicine are all hoaxes and just part of a huge money making scandal.

But, um, no.

I think it’s because my dad is a doctor and he always really believed in letting the body do its thing.  I used to call him from college and beg him to call in a Z-pack or something because I felt like I had strep throat or something and needed to study for a test.  (Yeah right, I’m sure that back then “study for a test” was code for “go to piano night at the Tap.”)

He’d just say, “Eh, sounds like a virus, you just need to fight it off and then you won’t get it again.”  So I’d go on about my business, drinking juice and taking a little advil for fever, and eventually I always prevailed over whatever it was.

So I’ll stay home, bed rest it up, and do all my little home remedies.  I hope it works, because I really need to be back at work tomorrow!

Home remedies… what should I add?

  • lots of water
  • lots of vegetable juice
  • eating tons of fruits and veggies
  • lots of naps (as the baby allows)
  • coconut oil in elderberry tea
  • cool showers
  • apple cider vinegar, gargling and also drinking
  • vitamins (multi, elderberry, afraid to take garlic because what if it makes my milk taste garlicy?)
  • positive thinking.  I WILL GET BETTER, DANGIT!!  Ha.

I took this picture right after Poppyseed spit up all over me while I was walking her to the changing table to change her diaper.  I changed my shirt.  And my bra.  Then she peed all over the table before I got a diaper under her bottom.  Then I got her diapered and picked her up and she spit milk all over me again.  Another shirt. Another bra.  Then she made a dirty diaper.  These are all cloth diapers, too, mind you.

At that point I decided that clothing could be optional for the next half hour or so and I plopped her on the back porch long enough to do a load of laundry.  Love that baby.

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  1. Aunt Fran says:

    There is a bug going around. I’ve had it also. Get some lemons. Cut them in half & then each half into 8th’s. Put them in a bowl & sprinkle with sugar. Eat them peel & all. It will sooth a sore scratchy throat immediately. It actually tastes good & the peel is loaded with Vitamin C. Then get a box of wild rice. Throw it on the stove with several cups of water, the included seasoning packet, several chicken buillion cubes & diced chicken. Load it with fresh garlic, onion, parsley, carrots & celery. Cook till rice is tender. Takes 15 minutes to prepare & will nourish you while helping with symptoms. Next, drink hot apple cider for the soothing & the additional Vitamin C. Harold hasn’t taken antibiotics since he was 2. Matt since around 5. I used them when I had swine flu otherwise not in decades. The above is our always ritual!

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