(Almost) Paleo Chicken Noodle Soup

I don’t think I’ve done a food blog in a long time, so here’s a quick one.

I’ve never claimed to be extreme paleo or primal.  I keep trying to give up dairy, and keep falling flat on my face, so I guess I’ll be 80/20 primal forever.  In reality, I’m probably more like 90/10 primal during a typical week.

Except for when I’m sick.   Now of course ever since we started eating primal, we rarely get sick.  But I learned when I got pregnant that it is REALLY hard for me to eat strict primal when I don’t feel well.  This week was no exception and the really sore throat + consistent 101 degree fever have definitely resulted in some food cheating.  (I may or may not have hidden an empty container of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream underneath a newspaper in the trash last night where Oatmeal would be sure to miss it.   I don’t care what he says, ice cream and sore throats go hand in hand!)

One thing I really miss when I’m sick is chicken noodle soup.  So tonight after I got home from work I thought I’d try to create a sort of primal version, and actually it turned out good!

I had the following things on hand:

  • a sweet potato, which I diced into very small cubes
  • 3-4 cups of already cooked, diced chicken thighs
  • a bag of brussel sprouts, with stems chopped off and then cut into quarters
  • a ziploc of chopped onions, frozen from when I was on maternity leave and had time to chop
  • a ziploc of chicken broth that I froze last time I boiled a whole chicken
  • half of a package of organic rice noodles (rice is the only grain we will sometimes still eat, other than corn chips)
  • olive oil, salt (lots of salt!), pepper, garlic, oregano, red pepper flakes

All I did was saute the sweet potatoes in the olive oil until soft and then add the onions, brussels, broth and spices and let them simmer a while.  In a separate pot I boiled the rice noodles until they were soft, drained them and then cut them in half before adding them to the soup.  The chicken was already diced and cooked, so I threw that in at the last minute as well and let it all sort of sit together a while before serving.

And hey, it was pretty darn tasty!

Sure, it wasn’t quite primal because I did use rice, but like I said, I’m not too strict when I don’t feel well!  I really did just feel like I deserved some chicken noodle soup.  Rice seems to be one of the least offensive grains based on my reading of all things paleo.  It’s not like eating regular pasta made of flour/wheat/gluten, where we can almost immediately tell something is up because we feel all bloated and gross.

Please forgive these pictures, it’s hard to make soup look good.  And to be quite honest, I wasn’t trying that hard.

Aaaaannnnd of course I am not going to close this without posting a picture of the wee one.  Look at that tummy time!  Such a proud mama I am.   Despite how rotten I felt, her facial expressions during this series were enough to lift my spirits a thousand times.



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