Okay so I know this is not something I should complain about, but I am getting fed entirely too well up in NY.  Food is completely free as long as I am dining in the hotel restaurant.  I get three courses every meal.  Dinner is usually something like tuna tartare, a salad, filet mignon and then dessert.  I don’t eat the dessert and I try not to eat the potatos that come with the meat, but STILL.  I mean, I sit in class from 8-5, I can’t be eating this much!  I am burning NOTHING! 

I tried to explore NY last night, and compensate for my huge meals yesterday, by going for an easy jog after class.  It was beautiful, and chilly (but refreshing), and I enjoyed it so much.  But man am I paying for it today!  I can barely climb stairs, my left knee is so swollen and angry. 

The other odd thing is that I have to be in business casual attire when dining – three meals a day and also on weekends!  So yes that means I have to put on a nice dress just to eat Sunday brunch.  Again, I could choose to just order room service, but for some reason doing so comes out of my own pocket.  I guess I’ll keep wearing my suits and enjoying my free restaurant dinners.  I have estimated that if I were paying for them, I’d be spending about $150 a day in food. 

In case you are hating me for getting such a sweet grocery deal this week, I have this consolation for you:  alcohol not included.  Sigh.  I could really go for some wine.

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