Time to Stock the Freezer

Oatmeal and I are looking for someone to split a hog with us.  Any pork lovers out there?

I’m not going to lie, when we went primal we started eating a LOT more meat.  And I started to really question how the meat was getting to our table.  I hear so much about antibiotics and hormones, and I always wondered if grassfed or cornfed really mattered.  I almost didn’t even want to know – I mean ignorance can be bliss, right?

Well, I did a lot of research and quickly realized that if we were going to be eating primal in the name of “health,” well, we had better choose our meat sources wisely.  So we started trying to buy grassfed beef, organic chicken, pasture raised pork, and wild caught seafood.

But, OH MY GOSH, not only are those things sometimes hard to find – but PRICEY!  Who can afford to live like that?  Not us!

So we started to look for other alternatives.  There had to be a way to buy good quality meat and still have money left in the bank.  I started asking around and found that lots of other couples and families we knew were buying entire animals and just living out of their deep freezers.  Hmmmm.  We thought that sounded pretty smart!

So, about 6 months ago we split an entire grassfed cow with Oatmeal’s brother’s family.  It turned out to be a couple hundred pounds of beef and we got to choose which cuts we wanted.  We chose sirloin steaks, T-bones, ribeyes, several different roasts, boneless stew meat, and lots and lots of ground meat.  At first I was a little overwhelmed because we had to spend a lot of money upfront, plus we had to purchase a deep freezer.  But I rationalized that grassfed beef is SO much healthier than the regular stuff in stores (and this was even before I knew about all that pink slime junk).  And if you’ve ever looked around in the grocery stores, you know that grassfed beef is anywhere from $8 or more per pound.  And that’s assuming your grocery store even carries it!  So, we put our order in and ended up spending half of that.

Even though I knew it was a good decision, both healthwise and economically, I still admit I was just a tad overwhelmed when Oatmeal pulled up with all of that frozen meat. This was a picture of our freezer taken at least 2 months after we’d already tapped into our cow.

But, Lola got used to eating steaks all the time really quickly, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back!

Well, I never thought this would happen, but we are actually OUT of meat.  As in… we have nothing left.  Zero.  Yep, in just 5 months or so we actually ate a half of an entire cow.  And no, we do not eat red meat on a daily basis.

To fill in the gaps, I buy organic chicken from Costco, and also every now and then I put in an order of pork from a local farm.  Of all of the meat that we eat, I would have to say that pork from this farm is my absolute favorite.  I really did not think I liked pork until I had pasture raised pork.  Even tenderloins and pork chops just did not tweak my fancy until the first time I put a bite of pasture raised pork chops in my mouth and was SHOCKED.  The meat was so good and almost buttery, and it was later that I found out that the difference is the way that the hogs are raised.  Evidently they are fed tons of organic fruit and lots of nuts, which is why the meat tastes so delicious.  But of course there is a catch… while I do love supporting this farm because of their responsible practices and tasty product, the pork is just a little high for our typical price range.

Unless, of course, we invest in a whole hog, in which case we’d save about 25%.  We’d still get to choose our cuts, just like when we did the cow. I’m probably going to opt for tenderloins, chops, bacon, stew meat, and ground pork.  I have friends that have done this and they have not regretted it!

So the problem is this.  We just don’t have room for a half cow AND a whole pig in our freezer.  We already have a family that is going to split a cow with us, but we need someone to split a hog now, too!

And then Lola will not have to buy meat at a grocery store for another 6 months, which will be awesome.

So, if anyone within an hour or so of either College Station or Houston is up for splitting a hog with us, let me know!  Check out the farm’s website and message me for pricing details.  I just emailed the farmer this morning and he got right back to me with an estimate!

Until then, enjoy your slime, oops I mean meat, laden with hormones and antibiotics.

KIDDING.  Totally kidding.

Kind of.  😉

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  1. Hi Lola! I stumbled upon your blog when I was researching cloth diapers. I was wondering if you have any tips or tricks since I’ve heard they are more challenging with a girl. Which brand and style did you wind up sticking with? Ok, and where can I sign up to buy a grass fed half cow? Haha. We will be haing our second child in a few weeks and it would be nice to have a freezer full of good quality meat! How much was it up front and how many pounds did you guys end up with? Sorry for the million questions!

    • Hi Lindsay… as for the cow, we live in Central Texas and so we just knew of a few ranchers and called one of them to ask if they’d slaughter us a grassfed cow. They said they were used to corn feeding them, or at least finishing them on corn (feeding them corn the last few weeks/months) but when we explained we didn’t want that, they agreed to just grassfeed one cow as long as we purchased ALL of the meat from that cow. We paid $4.50 a pound – that’s pretty darn cheap for such good quality meat. As for the diapers, I’m working on a post on that now! I’ll get it posted by the end of the week if I can. But in summary, I like the bumgenius 4.0 snap diapers. I don’t get much use out of the diaper sprayer (too messy, easier to just use water hose in back yard). I wash them every 2-3 days. I’ve had good luck!

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