Don’t mind me, I’m just crying at my mailbox.

So I went to the mailbox to see if I had my corporate AMEX in there waiting on me and I opened it up to see a big white package shoved in.  I pulled it out and saw that it was my sister’s handwriting on the label.  I wasn’t expecting anything, so I curiously opened up while standing there.  I pulled out a lot of colorful cloth-like things, which was rather confusing and then I saw a note from her.  It read, “I know you don’t need these yet, but I bet you will need them before I get back from Japan and I don’t want them to be lost in storage.  Love you.” 

They were our baby bibs.  My grandma and mom sewed them for us when we were little.  They are still in great condition, so soft and sweet and colorful.  It didn’t make me want to have a baby yet, but it did make my cry on the spot because I can’t imagine getting pregnant and having a baby with my sister on the other side of the world.

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