I don’t get hit on anymore!

Okay, so part of this “marriage” thing is that I don’t get hit on anymore! So I really enjoy when my friends do. Below, a text sent to me by a friend of mine, sharing an exchange she was having with who she thought was a platonic friend.

Boy: I’m in Dallas. Wish I was home.
Friend: Still? Thought you were there and back today.
Boy: Didn’t finish at office til 7.
Friend: Bummer. You could come yog with me (I’m yogging until I’m back in shape to actually run.)
Boy: Would rather make out w you than yog.

Friend pauses.

Boy: So….makeout tomorrow?
Friend: No dinner or movie or wooing me or nothing? Just straight up, cut to the chase making out? I even offered to take YOU to dinner… nothing?
Boy: Haha just kidding.
Boy: There will wooing.
Friend: Hahaha! Ok. You’re ridiculous!
Boy: 🙂

Ahhhh… the single life. If my husband weren’t such a juicy piece of meat I’d miss it.

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