So my sister’s 4 year old son, Walker, was in the bathroom the other day and he accidentally peed out of the toilet bowl and it somehow got on his pants.  Sissy wasn’t actually in the bathroom when it happened but all of a sudden she hears him yell, “AH SHIT!”   So she goes to see what in the world happened and asks him what he said.  He told her (with a totally straight and serious face) “Mommy I peepee-ed on my pants and then I said AH SHIT.”  Obviously this was the moment that she realized that swearing like a sailor in front of her kids was not a great idea.

The next day she was confiding in her Italian friend who lives down the street.  This friend of hers has some insane number of kids (meaning 4 or possibly even 5) and laughed when my sister told her about Walker’s 4-letter tantrum.  Then she said, “Yeah the other day my 5 year old son was riding around on his bike and he popped a really big wheely.  He looked at me, obviously so proud of himself and yelled, “SIXTY-NINE GIRLFRIEND!” while throwing me a peace sign.” 

So is it bad that when I heard this story the very first thing I thought of was my friends (Danielle and Shailen’s) 3 week old son?  I mean I feel like these things will be pretty much inevitable for this kid.  His name is Vincent, how could he NOT be a total badass?  Danielle if you are reading this please don’t be offended.  And Shailen, don’t lie, I know you would be proud. 

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