Almost Moving Day

Change is hard, even when I want the change.

Our house is in shambles. Boxes are packed, furniture is all over, trash bags are shoved into corners. It’s a mess. Total chaos. We’re both working, so we’re packing a little here and there during the evenings. We close on Friday, and on Saturday we move! Saturday night will probably be our first night in College Station.

Which means we only have 3 more nights here.

I want to move. I really do. I think it’s important for our little family to reside in a nice, young, family oriented town with good child care and school options. I love where we we are going. I’m glad we’re moving.

But I’m digging my heels into the ground emotionally, and starting to wish we weren’t moving after all.

The truth is, yes, the country is far away from things. Far away from people our age, far away from restaurants, far away from work, far away from places of convenience.

But the country is beautiful. Peaceful. Quiet. Safe. Private. Simple. Those are all good things. Those are all things that we won’t have in College Station, or at least not necessarily in abundant amounts.

At our house in the country, a pro baseball player could stand near our house and throw a baseball at full speed in any direction and wouldn’t come CLOSE to hitting a single neighbor. Not even remotely close.

At our house in the country, I can put Poppyseed in her carseat and set her on the hood of my car in the mornings. She can sit there safely and enjoy the sunshine and warm breeze while I spend 5 minutes inside packing up my laptop and diaper bag. If I did that in our new neighborhood, someone would probably call the cops.

At our house in the country, I can walk outside onto our back porch (or front porch for that matter) in my underwear and no one has any idea.

At our house in the country, my husband can walk outside and ride horses in our yard.

At our house in the country, I’ve never had to put the dogs on a leash. And we don’t have a fenced yard.

At our house in the country, I’ve never locked our door. In fact, we do not have a key to our own house.

We spent our wedding night here. I told Oatmeal I was pregnant here. I remember bringing our baby home. We just have SO many great memories here. It’s been a really wonderful two years. I wish we didn’t have to leave. I wish I didn’t feel like I really needed to be closer to other things. It’s not that I don’t love the country. I just wish I could pick up our little country house and put it 20 miles outside of College Station instead of 70 miles.

But, no can do. So move we shall. I know it will be great. I just get nervous and sad when change is near.

Our road, just before it turns to gravel.

First snow after we got married.

The first time the horse came into the living room.

View out our front door on a spring day.

I’d have never sunbathed outside at 40.5 weeks pregnant if I didn’t have that much privacy.

That time I decided I’d ride Black bareback at 40.5 weeks pregnant to try to go into labor.

Every weekend morning.

I have to be honest, my sweet and selfless husband has really opened my mind. I used to think I had to be within 5 miles of EVERYTHING. Now I feel like living 20 miles from ANYTHING is convenient.

I hope that this new house is the only neighborhood house we ever live in. I hope our next purchase is on lots of land… Just far enough away to be called “the country.”

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