The Newbies

In less than 24 hours, we will be first time homeowners!

Okay, so I suppose that’s not entirely true.  Lola will be a first timer, whereas Oatmeal will be a first time home-that-stays-in-one-place owner.

Remember, he lived in this guy when we met.  Not even kidding.

I mean…we had our fun, sure.  That airstream was 23 feet of awesome.  Long talks…cold drinks… glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling…

But this shot was probably taken right around the time that Oatmeal suggested I just move into the airstream with him after we got married.  I’m thinking….”I love you, but, where will I put my stuff?  Is there an Option B?”

And then, we found Option B.  The house rocks, the land it sits on rocks, but the bathtub/closet scenario could have been better.

I’ve taken a bath in this old school tub about 2/3 of the nights that we’ve lived here.  Big pregnant belly and all.

And this closet, yes, I share it with Oatmeal.  I get the right side, he gets the left.  Yes, those are his blue jeans stacked on the hot water heater in the corner.  I gave up on trying to keep it organized long ago.

I just sat down and thought about it, and I realized that I have lived in Texas for 10 years this month.  And in that 10 years, I have moved TWELVE times.  Yup, 1 dorm room, 1 townhouse, 3 houses, and 7 apartments.

In none of those places did I ever have a good size closet.  In one of the college houses, I actually lived in the dining room.  (Danielle I hope you’re reading.)  Of course most dining rooms don’t have closets, so I put all my clothes on other side of the house in the hall closet.

I also once lived in an apartment that had a closet so small that I ended up just keeping all of my shoes in the kitchen cabinets, right next to the blender and wine glasses.

And I’m not complaining, because such is life in your teens and twenties.  You don’t get a Sex in the City type of closet.  And truthfully, I don’t really care about that stuff much anyway.  I am really not one of those girls that has twenty pair of jeans and a whole rack of dresses.  I pretty much wear the same clothes all the time, regardless of season or style.  Jeans, tshirts, tank tops, flip flops.  Work clothes.  I have just always ended up in places with small storage spaces.

And never have I had a big bathtub.

But hey, ten years later, I guess I’ve finally arrived.

Anyway, it’s been 5 years since I lived in College Station.  A lot has changed since then, and I am in a totally different stage in my life now than what I was when I left.  I have all kinds of questions about this town! I feel like we are the newbies again, as if I need to get in my car and drive up and down the streets and just LOOK at things and learn what is around us.

Some things I’d like to know….

1. I’d like to join a food co-op (is that how you spell it?) so that we can get fresh, seasonal, locally grown veggies and fruit.  Is there something like that in BCS?
2. Local coffee shop?  Because my addiction should support something more unique than Starbucks.
3. Glass recycling?  Oatmeal has a hoarding problem.
4. Housekeeper?  Is there a college girl around who will scrub our bathroom and kitchen floors once a month or so?  I used to clean houses for extra $$$ when I was in college, I need to find a younger version of myself.
5. Church?  Lutheran or Methodist.
6. Fresh seafood?
7. Fun date night restaurant that isn’t obvious?
8. Anywhere that Oatmeal can go on the weekend for a game of pick up basketball?  He may be an average sized white guy, but he gets mean air.
9. Any fun organizations or groups or really ANYTHING that I/he/we may enjoy?  I know it’s probably full of fun things to do!

I’m excited!!

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  1. GORGEOUS pics. Like- were these in the Abercrombie catalogue. The one of you in the blue looks sooooo much like Violet. Excited for your CS adventure. Keep us all posted on how it is from an older viewpoint!!

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