Lola got a new gig! (and it pays!)

In the past four months, both Oatmeal and myself have begun new jobs.  Oatmeal worked for the natural gas construction company ever since rejoining the “real world” in 2007.  (Maybe one day I will go into what I mean by that, but for now you must simply wonder to yourself with no one to answer.)  It was a great job and he really, really loved it until he started to date me.  You see, they sent him all over the place for various projects and he had to remain on-site throughout the course of the entire project.  I think I calculated one time that in 2009, he was only in the Houston-Sealy vicinity for roughly 60 days.  It was pretty rough on us both and so before we got married he found a similar position in Katy, where travel is minimal.

But enough about him!  This blog is written by me.  So, let’s talk more about me.

I have wanted to get into pharma ever since college.  I tried to get an interview with Pfizer, Johnson, Merck, and all the other big names but never got far.  Finally, 5 years after college graduation, and with 1 year of medical sales, I got a job with Big Pharma.  I owe this entirely to a friend of mine, who has worked there for 3+ years and needed a partner.   Note to all of those who want to get into this field – KNOW SOMEONE.  I think it’s pretty much the only way to do it.

So this week is the first week of Phase 1 Training.  Phase 1 is done entirely at my own house.   I turned my loft and our second bedroom into my study spaces.  It’s actually pretty nice, because when I take study breaks I can do housework, play with the dogs, and I can go job a few miles on my lunch break without worrying about body odor offending coworkers after 1pm.  I dig it.  The schedule goes a little bit like this:  Read a  300 page Medical Terminology textbook on Tuesday.  Take a test on it Wednesday at 8am.  Make an 80% or lose your job.  Then read a 500 page Anatomy and Physiology textbook after that.  Take a test on it Thursday at 8am.  Make an 80% or lose your job.  Repeat this exact cycle with a Pharmacology textbook.  Then you learn your products, which I won’t name by brand name but they have to do with the heart, smoking, and menopause.

After all this home studying and test taking, I fly to NY.  Yep, that sounds pretty cool and fancy, doesn’t it?  My friend Banana has been working for a big accounting firm for years and flies to Canada, Malaysia, and other neato places all the time.  But for me, a trip to NY is my first out of state job related trip, so I am pumped.  While I’m there I’ll actually have to wear a suit (I currently never get out of sweats) and we’ll go through actual sales training.  After that I take yet another test and must make yet another 80% or lose my job.  It will all be over on April 7.

So!  That’s what’s going on with me.  I took my first test this morning and made a 100 on it.  (Side note:  When I completed the test, it showed my perfect score and I did a high pitched cheer that probably woke my dogs up.  Then I remembered something that my brother-in-law said after he tore up his kitchen floor while remodeling.  He sent my SIL a picture of the blown up floor that said, “I made this floor my bitch.”  Yes, I did say this to myself today.  “I made that test my bitch!”)  Evidently I overstudied for that one by quite a bit.  But when your job is on the line, especially a job that took 5 years to get, I’m all about overstudying.

Welp, on to reading my 500 page anatomy book.

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