Up and Running Again!

Well, we are settled in our new house.  🙂

We closed on our new house on Friday, August 31.  On Friday afternoon, I’d packed all of 2 boxes.  (I may be sort of a procrastinator.)

On Saturday morning, bright and early, Oatmeal’s family showed up to help us move.  His family doesn’t mess around, and by noon our ENTIRE house was loaded into 2 trucks, 2 horse trailers, and 3 cars.  When we pulled out of the driveway and turned in the direction of College Station, I wasn’t nostalgic at all because I thought that I’d be back to the old house that afternoon or perhaps the following day to get a few last things.  But, it turned out that I never went back.  Oatmeal and his parents went back the following morning to clean up and do one last walk through before turning in the keys, and I stayed at the new house with Poppyseed.  It is kind of sad, but I guess it is good that I didn’t know it was my last time to be there.  I probably would have teared up or been overly emotional about it!

So now we are all moved in.  I’d say we are 80% unpacked.  You know how it is – first you can’t so much as find a toothbrush.  Then you get all of the necessities organized and so you move on to getting the kitchen in order, and then you get the internet set up, and locate all of your basic cleaning supplies and toiletries.  You live that for a week or so and feel pretty comfortable.

But now we are to the point where we really should hang a picture or two, or perhaps we should figure out what to do with the extra furniture we have that is sitting in the garage.  So this weekend will be a work weekend!

Wall decor or no wall decor, the truth is that I LOVE our new house.  It’s not so much the house, I just love where we are.  Don’t get me wrong, I wish we lived on a huge plot of land.  I have never actually lived in a subdivision (other than a few rentals in college) and so it does feel really foreign.  I can’t imagine how Oatmeal must feel, but he is holding his on and being a fantastic sport about it.

For me, living in College Station means…

  • More time at work, yet more time with baby!  Now that I live so central to my territory, I am able to see more customers in a day without rushing.  YET – I get to spend more time with Poppyseed because I’m not spending so much time on my commute.  Win win!   (and as a bonus – Oatmeal actually gets home at the same time he got home when we were living in the country, despite that his commute is 25 miles longer now.)
  • Simple errands are just that – SIMPLE.  I no longer have to set aside so much time to run errands such as grocery shopping, picking up the dry cleaning, etc.
  • Poppyseed is in a great new daycare!  While there was nothing wrong with the daycare at our old place, I just honestly never felt really comfortable with it.  It was a traditional day care with a lot of babies and just a few sitters.  I always felt like no matter how hard the sitters (they all had hearts of gold from what I could tell) tried, they just could not give each baby very much individual attention.  I knew I wanted something different when we moved, and I was so lucky to find a great home daycare for her.  We are all SO much happier now that she is in a home setting!  More on that later.
  • Seeing friends!  We have already been visited by several of our friends.  Living in the city where we went to college means a lot of opportunity for reunions!  Hardly anyone visited us at our old digs, but we are like the cool kids now that we have a spare room within 10 miles of the football field.
  • Stuff to do!  On Sunday we went to the Brazos County Fair.  The really cool thing about it is that it was the FIRST annual county fair for Brazos County.  I think that’s really neat, because one day when Poppyseed is older we will be able to tell her that she was at the very first one when she was just a little baby.  For the first one, it was a really nice little fair.  I loved watching the little Aggie Wranglers, seeing the kids show cows, sheep, and horses, and watching the actual fair take place.  I can’t wait for Oatmeal to get his horses set up at the ranch nearby so that he can resume riding and we can begin exposing Poppyseed to all of those awesome hobbies.

So, to sum it all up, I am thrilled.  I’ll post more later, but that pretty much sums up the past few weeks.



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