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Today something weird happened while I was at work.

I was sitting in a waiting room, waiting on the opportunity to meet with one of my customers.  I heard the snap of an iPhone camera shutter.  I didn’t think much of it and kept tapping at my computer screen, preparing for the meeting.  But I kept hearing it.

Snap.  Snap.

I looked up, realizing that I was only one of two people in that particular area.  I looked up at the lady sitting across from me.  She was wearing sunglasses, looking right at me, and taking a picture.

Um, awkward!

I self consciously checked myself.  Nothing on my face, my hair in place, teeth clean, no milk stains on my shirt, fly was zipped, and I wasn’t barefoot.  What the hell?

For the next 5 minutes or so, I pondered what to do.  She had stopped taking them for the moment, but I took the opportunity to text my friend.

So what happened was that I had a quick moment of feeling witty, and I did in fact take a picture of her back.  Guess she didn’t expect my retaliation because she wasn’t looking and kind of startled when I did, but then she just started snapping more pictures of me and smiling to herself and looking at them.

Totally weirded me out!  So if anyone sees any pictures of me sitting in a drab waiting room, kindly let me know what the captions read, deal?  Deal.

Anyway.  Life has been pretty great and moving really quickly.  This weekend was our second weekend in our new house.  Oatmeal and I decided to go run sprints on Saturday.  We popped up Poppyseed and took turns sprinting around a track while the other one timed our pace.  We ran 2 400 meter sprints, 2 200 meter sprints, and 2 100 meter sprints.

For you mathematicians out there, you are correct, that is not even 1 mile.  But WOW was that a heck of a workout.  Personally I am the type of exercising nerd who actually would do that sort of thing all by myself, but I wouldn’t have tried nearly as hard to run fast and in turn it wouldn’t have been that great of a workout.  But because the husband was there, I went all out and have some pretty sore legs to show for it.

Poppyseed loved it and definitely got her vitamin D for the day.  I’ve only put sunscreen on her when we were in Florida, so I kept her in the shade for the most part.

In Poppyseed news, she is getting pretty close to sitting up.  She definitely needs some assistance, but Oatmeal and I feel like she will be sitting up by herself in a matter of weeks!  Each morning I put her playmat in the bathroom so that she can lie on her back and look at the toys above her.  But this morning I thought maybe I’d let her practice sitting.  I put her in her Moses basket and she would lean forward on her arms and sort of support herself.  She thought it was the MOST fun thing.  No matter how early she wakes up, those high pitched peels of laughter and squeals are undoubtedly the best alarm clock sounds I’ve ever heard.

God help us if we have a son next time we breed, because he’ll be in all the same blue cloth diapers and we’ll never be able to tell one baby’s picture from the next.

Our week this week is pretty normal.  Just working and babying and playing where we can.  Oatmeal and I also decided to do the Whole30 challenge together.  For him that means no snacking on chips or french fries or beer (his unhealthy food indulgences as of late) and for me that means eliminating dairy and candy completely.  I’d gotten into a pretty bad habit of going back to my beloved friend Starbucks for a daily latte, and I keep buying candy “to give to my customers” and end up with empty wrappers all over my car.

(No honey, I didn’t eat that nasty processed candy, my customers did and I just politely offered to throw their wrappers away for them!)

Did I mention I am married to a food police???

Despite my eating 3 very healthy, gluten-free, unprocessed meals each day, these little indulgences were becoming a daily or almost daily thing.  So nothing like a little sugar starve to get rid of all those sweet tooth cravings I have!  Plus, I have been so so so tired by about 6pm each day that I literally fall asleep while feeding Poppyseed and have a really hard time getting back up to cook dinner.  So I hope that the healthy change in eating and vow to be in bed by 10:30 each night actually helps that.

My motivation for doing this at all was that I bought this book called It Starts With Food.  I’ve read The Primal Blueprint, the Paleo Solution, and lots of blogs about being paleo.  But I have to say that so far, I like the way this one is written the most.  It’s very factual and very scientific, but written in such a way that the average joe (or lola) can understand.  And it is pretty, well, blunt.

And I like blunt.

Anyway, Oatmeal just turned off the light.  So that’s my signal to go to sleep, too.  Toodl


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