Baby Poppyseed is Five Months Old

Dear Baby Poppyseed,

This week you turned 5 months old.  Life is really busy for all three of us these days, but I wanted to make sure to write this letter to you so that you always have it to look back on when you are older.

At 5 months old, you are changing constantly.  Some new things….

Last week you sat up completely unassisted for 30 or so seconds before toppling over.  This week I actually counted to 60 seconds while you sat up without any help.  You are shaky, but you get more steady all the time.

You are a master at tummy time.  If I put you down on your back, you immediately flip over to your tummy and hold your head up very high so that you can see what’s going on around you.  You don’t mind staying in this position for long periods of time, in fact, this is how you spend most mornings while I get ready for work or while I work out in our garage after work.


You are grabbing at things now – you love to get a good grip of my hair, my clothes, really anything that is hanging around within reach.  You are VERY strong for a baby.  You have a very tight grip and can be very focused on whatever it is you are touching!

You are making all kinds of sounds!  Sometimes you coo, sometimes you hoo, sometimes you make shrieking pterodactyl sounds.  You don’t really “babble” yet but you are always making some type of noise.  And you laugh a lot.  Sometimes we can get you to really laugh hard by blowing or gobbling on your tummy or cheeks, and sometimes I can just make a funny face at you and get a moderate chuckle.

I am definitely seeing more and more signs that you are understanding what I am saying.  I am pretty sure you know what “milk” means, and I know that you know what it means when I say, “Do you want me to pick you up?” because you will start to kick your feet with enthusiasm and flap your arms a lot.  Ha.  Daddy likes to trick you and offer to pick you up several times before he actually does it.  I also started saying “no” to you for the first time this week!  It feels really odd to discipline such a small baby, but you keep trying to roll over and grab things on your changing table while I change your diaper.  Not only does it seem as if you may fall, but it makes it really hard to change you, so I’ve been pressing your shoulders back to the table, saying, “NO” firmly, and then giving you something to hold or play with so that you aren’t tempted to keep rolling over.  The first time I said no you just kept trying to roll over and over again, until finally you got really frustrated with me (go figure!) and then you just sort of sputtered and whined.  Now I feel like you have some idea of why I am telling you no, and you seem to give up on the rolling over after a few times now.  But what do I know??

I have to say, I feel like I am raising a mini-me sometimes when I look at you.  You definitely have your daddy’s nose, that’s for sure, but there is so much of you that is just plain Lola.  Your skin is really fair and your hair is really thin.  And those eyes – wow – I guess I see what everyone has been talking about all my life.  Your eyes are so light blue that they really are striking sometimes, especially when you wear deep blue clothing.  They aren’t exactly like mine, but they are sort of a hybrid of mine and your dad’s and I think that they are beautiful and unique.

You are such a laid back and happy baby most of the time.  You and I have a great eating and sleeping schedule, and you and I have a great work and daycare schedule during the week, too.

Here is a typical Monday-Friday day for us…

You wake up between 5am-6am.  We snuggle in bed and I nurse you for about a half hour while I doze and get a little more rest.  Then we both wake up and just snuggle and make sounds and talk in bed for a few more minutes.  I’ll give you a paci and then get into the shower while you play on your play mat on the bathroom floor.  By the time I get out of the shower, you’ve inevitably flipped over onto your tummy and have usually burped all over yourself – you are SUCH a spitter but it doesn’t seem to bother you in the least bit.  More of a laundry issue than a discomfort!  I’ll wipe you off and do my hair and makeup while you play on your mat, grab your toys, and scooch around the floor.  Eventually you start to get sort of tired or bored and I’ll start to carry you around on my hip while I pack up my work items, your milk, my packed lunch, etc.  You’ll start to act tired and rub your eyes, so I’ll put you in your carseat and let you take a little catnap while I drive you to Christy’s.  Christy keeps you and her daughter, nephew, and two other kiddos.  You are the youngest, and they all love you.  I drop you off and pick you up at different times every day, it just depends on where I work that day. Today was a GREAT day, I worked locally and so I actually got to go to work and then drive back to you and nurse you on my breaks.  I love days like that.  After work we usually go run an errand or two and then try to get home in time to take the dogs on a walk to the park.  I’ll put you in your stroller and get the dogs and we will jog around for about a half hour and play fetch with the puppies.  I like knowing that you get some sun and it’s good exercise for me and the pups!  Then we will go back to the house and you will roll around on our yoga mats while I work out and sing to you.  Soon your daddy gets home from work, and he immediately comes over to you and picks you up.  He will spend the next hour playing with you and making you laugh until you are just completely worn out, and then one of us will bathe you and then rock you until you start to fuss, and then we just put you right down on your tummy and you’ll go right to sleep.

You are a great sleeper most of the time.  You are usually fussy by 7pm, so we put you right to bed once you start showing signs of tiredness.  You sleep until I wake you up at 10pm to nurse you one last time before I go to bed.  I have a feeling I could drop this feeding if I wanted to and you would still sleep until 5am at least, but I actually like it myself and so I will keep doing it for now. You sleep on your tummy from 10:15 until 5am or 6am.  The only problem we face right now is that you will scooch all over the crib in your sleep, which inevitably leads to you bumping your head on the sides of the crib.  At first we didn’t have a bumper of any kind (supposedly they aren’t safe!) but after you kept waking up with your head jammed against the rails, I bought a mesh bumper.  This helped a little, but I ended up rolling up a bath towel last week and that serves as an additional bumper and seems to help a lot.  Now you just sort of snuggle up to it at night and it keeps you from actually waking up from discomfort. What’s sort of ironic is that I still wake up once a night and walk into your nursery to check on you anyway.  I guess I’ll sleep when you’re 18 and move out of the house, right?

I’ll admit, there are some nights where I just don’t like sleeping away from you!  So a few nights a week I will usually pick you up at 10pm and bring you to our room to nurse you instead of just nursing you in the glider and putting you back down in your crib.  You’ll nurse and snuggle between Daddy and I all night long, and we both love it.  Daddy will wake up and come cuddle up behind you while you nurse and put his big hand on your little back and tummy.  We joke that we make a Poppyseed sandwich.  It’s the most peaceful and loving feeling I’ve ever had, and it makes me SO happy.  I also like it because all of that nighttime nursing seems to boost my milk supply after a long work week of pumping!  And I’m able to put you right back into your crib the next night and you’ll still sleep like a champ by yourself.

Speaking of that, we have decided to be cautious and wait until you are 6 months old before starting any solid food.  If you weren’t so chunky and content with just your milk, I’d probably reconsider, but you are definitely getting enough calories just from mama! It must be that paleo diet, right??  I am going to skip rice cereal entirely and go straight to a veggie that isn’t sweet.  I can’t decide what veggie to begin with, but I am SO excited about it!

I have to tell you that I have changed in so many ways since I had you.  I think about things differently, I do things differently.  Things that used to matter a LOT just don’t matter to me anymore.  Your dad and I think and talk about the future all the time now.  Since you were born we have set a household budget, revisited our retirement savings, made a plan to save for your college, and purchased various types of insurance and other “responsible grownup” things.  I am glad that I have your daddy to help me with these things, and I know that it will pay off in the long run.

Well Poppyseed, I’m going to end this now and get some shut eye.  But I love you, I love being your mom, and I can’t wait to make another baby just like you soon!

Just kidding about that last part.  You don’t have to share us, yet!


Oh, and here are some pictures from life as of late…we’ll start with the weekend that we watched your dad rope.  When he has ropings, I just put you in your pajamas and take you with me to watch him.  We never get home before 10pm, but you are always a lot of fun to take.

There was also your first Aggie game!  We tailgated all day long, and you loved it!  Just another thing that is actually just as fun if not MORE fun with a baby in tow.  Who knew?

That was also the weekend that we went to the Brazos County Fair.

The next weekend we went to see your cousins get baptized and spend some time with family.

And then, this was actually on your 5 month birthday.  We spent the weekend in Sealy… your dad built a roping arena with Grandaddy and Uncle Roy, and your cousins were there, too!

It’s a good life that you lead, sweet Poppyseed.  🙂  We do a lot of different things, but we are always together and it’s a lot of fun.

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  1. Love her Aggie dress and the one she wore to the baptism! I enjoyed reading y’all schedule too. Sounds like you are so happy and enjoying this sweet time. Glad to hear it!

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