Belly pictures… or as close as we’ll come.

If there is one thing that I am just NOT, it’s comfortable in front of a camera.  Nope, Lola is no model.  I see SO many really beautiful pictures of all of my pregnant friends and their bellies.  They are accessorized, naturally posed, and just plain adorable.  They really set the bar high!  But me?  I learned during my wedding festivities that I feel VERY weird in front of a lens.  I almost said, “No pregnancy pictures for me!“  But, I couldn’t not do belly shots.  I knew that if all I had were my own self-portrait iPhone pictures, I’d regret it one day.  So I emailed my friend Aimee, of Aimee Howell Photography.

Aimes…Would you be willing to take some belly pics of me this February?  Nothing crazy or anything.  I’m a fairly modest prego woman and I’m not into making heart shapes on my belly and posing nearly naked with a sheet wrapped around me and stuff like that, you know? I just want a couple good shots of me and Michael doing something normal.  -Laura

She wrote back promptly.

Finley, I would be honored.  February will be a heavy editing but low shooting month for me, so weekends will be freed up more than usual.  Well, just as long as you don’t make any heart shapes on your belly 😉  Aimee

So, we set a date.  I had prepared a few cute outfits, but I’d grown out of them by the time the scheduled date arrived.  I packed accessories and jewelry to wear with my supposed cute outfits, but I accidentally left them in Texas.  I hoped for good weather, but it rained and the air was chilly.  Thus, my hair did “rainy day” things.  Aimee told us to bring a few “props” but at the time I didn’t have anything cute that could travel from Texas to Louisiana.

So when that day arrived, Oatmeal and I were both just not feeling up to pictures.  But we tried.  Poor Aimee, she probably had a drink after she was finished with us.  She picked up her camera and pointed it at us.  We giggled nervously.  We looked at each other.  We made funny faces.  I picked non-existent lint off of his shirt to keep my hands busy.  We kissed.  We’d look at each other again.  We’d look at her.  We’d quickly look away from the lens.  Aimee gave us some much needed direction, which we gratefully followed.  Then we’d stop following directions and just look at each other again, and the weirdness would return.  After thirty minutes of this process, we told her “Okay thanks!  We’re done!“   She lowered the camera, surprised.  “Um, are y’all sure?  I can shoot a lot more….these are good.”

We are just not models.  I am just too awkward to pose by myself.  But, God bless Aimee, she got some great shots.  Thank goodness for talented photographers, high tech cameras, and a few good angles.

So here you go…. Lola, Oatmeal, and 32 week Poppyseed.

We may not be made for the runway, but you know…. we are so stinking happy.  🙂

Thank you so much Aimee.  🙂

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