I’m not Superwoman.

Today, someone called me Superwoman for the third time.  For the third time, I felt absolutely ridiculous.

I was talking to someone at work, and they know me fairly well.  They know I’m happily married, I’m a new mom, they know my family is paleo and they know I work full time.  They asked me what I’d been up to and I gave them a quick fifteen second summary of the basic details baby-working-nursing-pumping-groceryshopping-cooking-cleaning-playingwithbaby-jogging-repeat-repeat-repeat.  The lady I was talking to looked at me and sort of tilted her head and said, “Wow, aren’t you superwoman!”

I always feel as if I’ve been kicked with a steel toe boot when someone says that!  For one of two reasons.  Reason number one is that I have a pretty easy deal.  You don’t get to be superwoman by having ONE easy baby, a great husband, a great job, and that’s it.  I think that label should be reserved for the single moms with multiple kids who are still managing to go to school and/or work.  Or the stay at home moms with multiple kids who manage to garden, have hobbies, volunteer, etc.  Honestly, I have to admit I don’t know what criteria one person would need to meet in order to be called Superwoman.  It probably depends on who you are talking to.   But as for me… well I have a baby, job, and a husband.  I pretty much only divide my time between those three areas and there isn’t much time for much else.  So no, with just one kid and one hubby, not quite super-powerish.

Reason number two I am not superwoman is pretty clear.  I am finding that what little organization I had in my life is quickly disappearing.  I used to get things done in a productive manner.  I’d complete one task before moving to another.  Not anymore.  I have about 29 just-begun projects in my house right now.  A box of pictures that I still need to unpack and hang up around our new house.  A bag of borrowed baby girl clothes I need to pick through to see what fits Poppyseed.  A call schedule for work that needs tweaking.  Ingredients in the refrigerator that are supposed to be the components of a delicious new recipe, if only I could actually make time to read and try the recipe.  My walk in closet is full of stacks of clothes that should be hanging neatly on racks and organized by season.  Yes, that’s right, I’ve been living in this house for 5 weeks now and I still have clothes on stacks on my closet floor.

I will admit, sometimes I do wish I had some of those superpowers.  Last week I’d have used them to be in two places at one time.  I had to go to a business meeting in Houston.  My job is super-friendly to working moms 99% of the time, but this was the first time I’ve actually been a little bit bummed out about something.  I really did not want to go to this meeting, which typically is an overnight 3 day, 2 night ordeal that occurs twice a year.  It is completely mandatory, and it’s usually 3 or more hours away.  I really lucked out however, as it was scheduled for Houston this time, which is only an hour and a half away.  And my manager decided to make it a 2 day, 1 night meeting (God bless him for that!).

But I still just did not feel right about spending even one night away from Poppyseed.  I get it, a lot of you are rolling your eyes and making comments under your breath that I’m a “typical first time mom” or that one night away from my baby is not that big of a deal.  I hear that a lot, believe me.  But I carry enough mom guilt just for spending the work day away from my baby without spending a night away from her, too!  I finally decided to just talk to my manager and explain that I’d rather commute into the meeting on both mornings than stay overnight.  I think he thought I was a little crazy, but he allowed it as long as I agreed to go to the “team-building dinner” on the first night.   Luckily Oatmeal was able to adjust his work schedule during those few days.  I had to be out of the house by 6am on Wednesday and did not get home until 10:30pm, and then the next morning I had to be out of the house by 6am again.   So yes, all of that driving just to be at home for 8 hours.  But to me, to be able to walk into my house at 10pm and pick my baby up out of her crib and snuggle up to her in my bed….. totally worth it.

By the time I wrapped up the meeting and got home on Thursday night, I was sooooo tired.  I drove straight to daycare, grabbed Poppyseed and went home.  I carried her up to my room and we laid down in bed to cuddle and play.  I was so tired, and I felt so guilty for not seeing her awake for over 24 hours.  We literally laid in bed for 2 hours and I just soaked her up.  I LOVE this little baby so much.  Her smell, her soft cheeks, her genuine little smile…. geez am I a sucker for this kid.

After doing a lot of office work on Friday, I was thrilled to have a very uneventful weekend.  Oatmeal drove down to his 10 acres on Saturday morning to mow, so I had the whole day to do whatever I wanted with Poppyseed.  We ended up going to two parks.  I am so happy that I bought the BOB jogging stroller.  It is so easy to maneuver and I had a great time jogging all over College Station with her.  The weather was PERFECT – sunny and mild.  The baby loves to be pushed in her stroller, and we also spent some down time at Wolf Pen Amphitheater.

The food market was a lot of fun.  I am a weird one because I LOVE food markets.  I used to go to this huge one in Houston back in my single days, and that should tell you something because back then I didn’t even cook.  So I was basically going for the experience of buying vegetables at a good price so that they could grow several heads and/or decompose in my single-person refrigerator over the next week to ten days until I had the hankering to go back for more.  These days I actually use what I purchase, and it was a really nice little food stand!  Of course they had tons of pumpkins, and I could not resist putting Poppyseed in the middle of them and snapping a few iPhone shots.

I love love love this picture of my daughter. 

Um, Mom, this hay is making my bottom itch and for some reason you won’t let me try to eat this pumpkin stem.  I don’t care if the wheels on the bus go round and round, stop talking about it in an effort to make me grin.  I refuse to smile.  I will sit here and give you this funny look while flaring my nostrils until you pick me up.  I want back in that ERGO baby carrier, stat!

So we loved the food stand, and I got lots of good veggies for the week.

Saturday night was actually a date night!  One of Oatmeal’s friends was getting married in Bryan, so Oatmeal’s mom came up for the night to babysit so that we could go partake in the festivities.  We had a lot of fun!  The wedding was in a really beautiful old historic house, and the weather was p-e-r-f-e-c-t.  The food was delicious (very paleo friendly, but – NEWSFLASH – I actually convinced Oatmeal to have dessert) and Oatmeal’s friends were so funny that my face hurt from laughing by the time we left.

I loved having a night with my hubby.  I really am such a sucker for that guy!  I think he is so handsome!

The next day the weather changed.  The cold front blew in.  Poppyseed went from pulling off a sleeveless jumper (above) to needing to be bundled up (below).

Well it’s 11pm and I think I just about fell asleep typing that last sentence.  Time to press Publish, but before I do that I leave you with one last picture.

This is not early potty training.  It’s not us trying to stay ahead of the curve.  We don’t even know what “elimination communication” is.  What we do know is that when baby shows signs of going potty, it makes much more sense to move her to the toilet than it does to wait and have to deal with a dirty CLOTH diaper later.   Sorry, future 16 year old Poppyseed, I know you’ll hate me for this picture one day.


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  1. Your daughter is precious!

    Ok, this is crazy…Gabe was right, we are a lot alike. I EC’d my first daughter at 7 months with the pix to prove it, too 😉 I also have a post called ‘I am not superwoman!’

    Small world 🙂

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