Busy, busy life…

I feel like the days have just been whizzing by as of late.  Nearly every night I sit down to write a blog, but halfway through I’ll remember I needed to do something work-related or I’ll hear Poppyseed start to move around in her crib anxious for her 10pm feeding.  One thing leads to another and before I know it, it’s 10:30 or 11pm!

I will say that despite how busy life has been, there has been so much fun.  I have been so so SO happy since moving to College Station.  I love our busy routine and I feel like I’ve really found a great balance between work life and home life.  While I do occasionally feel like I’m dropping a ball here or there, I don’t ever feel like it’s a big ball or something I can’t catch up on later.  I do feel really, really tired sometimes, but it seems like my crazy days are evened out by less crazy, enjoyable times, too.

An example of something fun we’ve done over here lately at Casa de Lola & Oatmeal is have our friends Johanna and James over for the weekend.  They brought their munchkins and spent the night with us on Friday and Saturday.  We spent Saturday on campus, rooting and tailgating for the Aggies as they played LSU for the first time!  We ran out of time to score enough points to win, sure, but overall it was a good game.  I really love hanging out with Johanna and her family because they also eat paleo, which made eating (mostly) paleo even at the tailgate very easy!

Addison played hard at the tailgate!

Oh how the tailgate furnishings have changed since our college years. 🙂

It really was a kid and baby friendly occasion.

Oatmeal, Poppyseed and Sophie

Our happy family 🙂

Lola loves houseguests!

Anyhoo, our work weeks have been flying by.  Every morning I wake up long after Oatmeal has left (he is such an early bird) with Poppyseed all curled up next to me.  She is still waking up at 5am-6am lately, and so one of us will go scoop her up and put her in bed and we will continue to snooze and snuggle until my alarm goes off.   We get ready for work and daycare, get out of the house, I go to work, then pick her up from day care, hit the grocery store sometimes and then come home for playtime.  After I put Poppyseed down for the night it’s time to cook.  We have done so well lately at cooking our own food and eating healthy, but I do confess it is a lot of work.  I think on average we eat out only about one meal out of every two or three weeks.  Even last Monday night when Oatmeal competed in a roping competition, I went home after work and cooked a meal and drove it out to him (an hour away) so that he didn’t have to eat something bad.

Also, last week (or was it two weeks ago?? oy…) I completed my Whole30 challenge.  I actually ended it 2 days early so that I could enjoy some nachos at the Austin County Fair, guilt-free.  So I guess in my case it was my Whole28 challenge, but in those 28 days I accomplished all of my goals.  I kicked my candy cravings, lost the remaining traces of post-baby muffin top, and really just reestablished good habits.  This was important for me, especially since flu season is officially here and I want to stay healthy and strong though the holidays.

Cooking all three meals a day for both of us can definitely mean lots of planning.  I even packed my own breakfasts and lunches to go to a business meeting at a hotel where both meals were catered.  Talk about getting funny looks – imagine your coworkers going through a buffet line while you pull out a little lunch box full of salad and roasted chicken instead! I definitely prefer not to draw attention to myself or talk about our paleo lifestyle at work, but it was sort of unavoidable on those days!  🙂

Luckily Oatmeal isn’t afraid to get in the kitchen and help out.  He will sometimes begin a meal while I’m bathing Poppyseed and I’ll take over or assist when I get back downstairs.  Whoever cooks usually doesn’t clean, and sometimes (like tonight) we’ll just cook tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch all at once.  I’ve realized that in an hour and fifteen minutes, we can cook 3 meals, store 2 of them, eat dinner together, and clean up the kitchen.

One thing that I’ve noticed about eating paleo is that it can get really redundant if you get into slumps.  But the great thing is that every time I start to get bored, the seasons will change and I’ll be reminded of all the yummy seasonal produce!  Now that it’s autumn, we’ve been eating lots of greens, sweet potatoes, beets, cabbages, pears, squash, pomegranates, and other fall foods.

I have really ventured out lately and bought a few things that I didn’t know much about.  Some of them were successful, and some, er, not so much…

I couldn’t figure out how to slice the thing, much less cook it!

Obviously I had some trouble with the artichoke.

But all has not been lost, we have had some really good and easy meals as of late.  Something that turned out really great was this paleo version of Shrimp Alfredo, which I did a separate post of here for the recipe.

Well guess what… it’s 10:20pm and Poppyseed is calling.  Gotta go.  🙂


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