Poppyseed is 6 Months Old!

6 months!  That’s SO big!

So tonight I was nursing Poppyseed after a fun hour of playing and taking the pictures below.  Oatmeal got home from work and laid down in bed next to us.  We were just lying around and talking and I got a little mischievous.  I said, “Honey guess what…I’m pregnant.”

Oatmeal’s face LIT UP.  I mean REALLY.

“You are!?!?!?!?!” he asked.  He was beaming.


“NO I’m not pregnant!  I was kidding!!  What was that smile all about, are you seriously ready for another one?”  I actually felt sort of guilty for getting him all excited, but really!?  I just had a baby!  (Some parts of me are only just now feeling normal again, really.)

He kept smiling as if I wasn’t kidding.  My oh my, I’m in for it!  This guy really does want back to back babies!


Some highlights…

  • She is a rolling pro!
  • Is it a scooch?  Is it a crawl?  Or is it a hybrid of the two?  Either way – she is moving!
  • Sitting up is a cinch nowadays… but she still falls sometimes.
  • Lots of noise but no distinguishable or repetitive words yet.
  • We’ve got hair!  Blonde with a bit of red… no surprise there.  And that birthmark on the back of her head and neck is really fading.
  • She may only be 6 months old, but she goes #2 in the adult toilet several times a week – hahaha!  Oatmeal wants to get her a training potty already!
  • She is doing so well at Christy’s home day care with her friends A (2.5), C (2), B (16 months), and M (2).   So she is the youngest by 10 months.
  • Still so mellow… doesn’t mind who holds her but definitely loves Mommy and Daddy!  (Well, okay, she was a little skeptical of Oatmeal’s friend Dos, but in his defense he is very tall, has a very deep voice, and a beard… that takes getting used to for some people I guess.)
  • Always always smiling.
  • Loves the jump swing that you hang in the doorway, her rattle from Aunt Fran, and her cloth book from Aunt Bree.
  • We read Goodnight Moon and say the Lord’s Prayer at night.
  • Sleeps from 7pm-5:30am with a 10pm dream feed.  Naps inconsistently.
  • Nurses/feeds 6-7 times a day, roughly 3 hours apart.
  • Still taking 3 bottles a day while Mommy is working, usually 5oz each.  That’s all Mom can pump so she usually doesn’t have the option of more (but as you can see from pictures below, she sure isn’t going hungry)
  • Size 3 diapers.  Size 9/12 month clothes.
  • Still loving cloth diapers, but I wish I’d bought all GroVia or BumGenius brands to avoid the made in china brand from leaking all the time.
  • The spitting up has really slowed down in the past few weeks compared to what it used to be, which is nice!
  • Still never been “officially” sick, but we have a little cough right now that Mommy and Daddy are watching carefully.
  • Weight?  Not sure… haven’t weighed since 4 month appointment.  Mommy guesses 18-19lbs but we will find out soon!
  • We got her food allergy/intolerance test results back…. EGG!  DANG IT!  Just like her daddy.
  • We’ll start her on solids this weekend!  Going straight to veggies.


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  1. Oh my goodness I love her. She is so photogenic and such a little ham! 🙂

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