Baby Poppyseed gets showered!

On Sunday, Oatmeal’s family hosted a shower for Baby Poppyseed.  It was fabulous! It was hosted by Staci (Oatmeal’s cousin), Jamie (Oatmeal’s younger sister), Bree (Oatmeal’s SIL), and Carrie (Oatmeal’s first cousin).  Also helping out from afar were our big sisters (currently living in Okinawa, Japan) Beverly and Kelley.

One thing I loved was how they actually included actual poppies in the decor! There were poppy flower arrangements…

And the cake that Carrie made said, “Welcome Poppyseed” and even had poppyseeds in the inner icing layers.

There was also an amazing (and healthy!) menu that included a strawberry and poppyseed salad.  The lettuce was even grown fresh in Jamie’s garden.

And what shower would be complete without a diaper cake made by Aunt Rena?

I had a lot of fun visiting with everyone who came.  It was mostly Oatmeal’s family, but my aunt Vikki was also able to drive in from Spring. 

So I’ve never been too keen on “shower games” at baby showers, but we did do a few little activities that were really fun.  First of all, everyone predicted Baby Poppyseed’s gender.  And the results were…

Drum roll, please…

Boy – 12 votes!

Girl – 8 votes!

Then my MIL did the “string test.”  It’s basically an old wives tail that if you put a needle and a string over the expectant mom’s belly and let it swing naturally, you can determine the gender.  If it swings in a circular motion it’s a girl, but if it swings back and forth like a pendulum it’s a boy.  With me, it was definitely back and forth – so all signs are pointing toward a boy!

After that, I opened gifts.  I was absolutely floored at how many awesome gifts that we got.  Some of them were off of my registry, while others were picked out by those who have much more experience than I do.  One thing that I have learned by being pregnant is how nerve-wracking it can be to prepare for a baby.  There are so many things that need to be gathered before the birth – and not all of them are cute.  Diapers, diaper pails, pacifiers, boppy pillows, crib sheets, mattress pads, mattresses, car seats, car travel accessories, pack-n-plays, baby shampoo, baby nail clippers, bouncers, wipes, baby thermometers, nursing pads… the list goes on forever.  I didn’t really think about this before we decided not to find out the gender, but by keeping the gender a surprise until the birth, it actually forced me to really think about things that we NEED for Poppyseed rather than getting too wrapped up in things like decor and clothing.

And…. not knowing the gender also helped guide me to choose things that are neutral in color.  So all of our supplies can be used again and again with the next kids we have.

Yes, I said next kids.  Oatmeal and I may be insane, and we may take this back when we are the sleep-deprived zombie parents of a newborn, but we want to have a big family.  So it’s really awesome knowing that the things we get for the baby today will be appropriate for the next babies in future years as well.  Yep… I’m probably crazy…

So next time one of my friends gets pregnant, I’m going to ask her what she’d rather have before her shower – the “essentials” that aren’t that fun to buy, or the “cute stuff” that everyone loves!  If she is anything like me, she may breathe a sigh of relief when she opens up a box full of pacifiers and waterproof mattress pads. 

But overall, we got SO many awesome gifts!  Essentials, non-essentials, cute things, sweet things, you name it!

Oatmeal even stopped in toward the end of the gift wrapping to open up some of the more sturdy packages for us.

It was even fun for the kids!  Don’t you just love how much little girls love to play with bows?  Even the not-so-little ones get a kick out of them sometimes, as shown just below.  Take my niece, Bella, for example…

Here was our “stash” when we got home that night.  We are so blessed!

Yep, maybe I’m living in a dream world, but having all of these things under my roof really does make me feel like if I were to go into labor early and have this baby tonight, I’d be able to do it!  Wishful thinking, I’m sure!  🙂

Have a great weekend!  I’ll be nesting….

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