Welcome to the world, Baby Maggie!

I wanted to make sure and remember today, November 9.  Today Poppyseed’s newest cousin, Margaret “Maggie” Helen, was born.

Oatmeal’s sister, Jamie, and her husband, Roy, first laid eyes on their second child this morning at 1:30am.  Like many other family members in Oatmeal’s family (including yours truly when Poppyseed was born), they did not know the sex of their baby until she appeared right in front of them.  It’s funny because I think that most of us predicted a boy this time.  Jamie’s pregnancy seemed very different than her first, and honestly it just seemed like the odds would eventually play out and a boy would be born.  (Currently Oatmeal’s parents have 10 grandchildren, 8 of which are little girls!  There hasn’t been a baby boy born in this family in quite some time!)

I wish I could see a video of Jamie and Roy’s face when Maggie was born.  It was such a surprise that they hadn’t quite settled on a name for her.  At 2am we began getting text messages that said “It’s a girl!” but at lunch time today, we had still not heard any news of a name.  The suspense was killing me!  I spoke to Jamie earlier this week and I knew that they had a boy name pretty much set in stone, but they didn’t go into the hospital with a solid girl name.  Jamie named their first daughter, and they had an agreement that Roy got to name this baby.  He pondered for the day, and this afternoon we got the announcement that he had decided on Margaret Helen.  After he told his mom her new name, his mom told him that actually he would have been named Margaret had he been a girl.  Pretty cool coincidence, eh?

Anyway, I just love the name Margaret Helen, and I especially love the nickname Maggie.  It’s old fashioned, beautiful, and so feminine.  Well done, Roy, well done.

My little Poppyseed is 6.5 months older than Maggie.  I love that they will be so close in age.  They are bound to be fast friends.  🙂  I can’t wait to meet her this weekend and get a picture of the cousins together.   Until then….

Congratulations Jamie and Roy, and big sister Joanie.  And welcome to the world, Baby Maggie!


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