It’s a busy life we lead.

Gosh, I really don’t even know what to blog about.  I just know that I miss blogging.

Every day is the same, but every day is different.  What I mean is that sure, we follow the same general routine of waking up, going to work, coming home, cooking dinner, doing baby stuff, and going to bed.  And on the weekends we either hang out at home and have friends or family over, or we go visit friends or family because there is always an occasion of some sort going on.

Life is just… well… fast.  I wish I could slow it down sometimes.  Poppyseed is growing so fast.  She is scooching/crawling, eating solids, and just becoming, well, a little human person.  I’m 100% sure she is now teething, so I look for some fun nights/nursing sessions ahead.  She actually slept until 6:30am for a few mornings in a row recently, which was amazing, but I see some long nights in our future as those little teeth pop up.  If anyone has any teething advice, please leave me a comment below!

But here are some highlights of life as of late.

Poppyseed really, really loves to swing.

And, she loves to stick out her tongue.  (And not just while swinging, I might add.)

Last weekend we went to Buda for my friend Nathan’s wedding.  We got to spend time with old friends such as Wally, Erin, Kelsey, Andrew, and Jeremy.  Nathan and Allison are currently honeymooning in California after throwing quite a lovely wedding ceremony and reception.  The meal was really incredible.  It was a family style dinner served under the stars.  I knew going into the night that the food would be good because Nathan went to culinary school and is my original “foodie friend.”  He actually took me to Central Market about 10 years ago, back when the only grocery store I’d really been in up until that point was a Walmart.  I still remember what we were shopping for – a vanilla bean.  (You mean vanilla doesn’t just come in liquid form in a bottle?)

Anyway, I left my camera in Shreveport last month, so these iPhone pictures will have to do.

Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy being “that mom” that I said I’d never be?  You know, the mom who takes her baby pretty much anywhere and everywhere with her?  I used to roll my eyes at moms who wouldn’t “just get a babysitter already and go enjoy a night off!”  Um… since then you could say I’ve learned that having my whole family together IS a night off!

The following morning we drove down to Yancey.  A new niece had been been born, and we were really excited to meet her.  Here is Oatmeal with Baby Maggie.

Poppyseed got in some good bonding time with Gommy and her cousins.

That was a really difficult picture to take.  I challenge any of you to take a picture of a 6.5 month old, a 2.5 year old, and a 3 day old and get 2/3 of them to look at the camera!

Welp, this week I start Crossfit.  My friend Danielle and I are actually taking the 5am class tomorrow.  Meaning I need to get to bed, because 4:15am will come soon.  Wish me much luck and cross your fingers that Poppyseed sleeps until I get home at 6:15ish.  (Fat chance.  Best of luck to Oatmeal.)

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