33 weeks and counting…

Today I had a 34 week appointment, but I am really only 33 weeks, 2 days prego.  It went, eh…. It went.  All the appointments (for the most part) have basically been the same.  I’m weighed, my blood pressure is checked, I go into the exam room, my doctor comes in, we chat, he measures my belly and then listens to the heartbeat.  Usually he measures my belly quickly and uses words like “excellent” or “right on track.”  Today while we were shooting the bull and he was measuring, he took longer than he usually did.  Then he commented that I’m now “measuring small” and that he’d like me to come back for a sonogram next week.  I would normally be THRILLED to get another sonogram – any chance to see Poppyseed is a welcome one.  But, I clearly recall one of my very early appointments when he told me that he typically does not order any sonograms after 20 weeks unless there is or may be an issue.  Now, today he never SAID there was an issue.  And another thing he told me a while ago was that it was his job to worry, not mine, and that he’d tell me if there were ever a time for me to begin worrying.  Of course today he said no such thing.  I trust him entirely.  He is a straight shooter.  So he was pretty no-nonsense – I’m measuring small, he wants a sonogram done next week, no point in worrying until then.  I understand that it’s probably all just fine.  But… first time mama over here! l can’t help but worry just a bit.  I’ll just have to try and look forward to it.  After all, it’s a chance to see the baby again.  🙂

After that, I go every week for an appointment!  My friend Kelly and I (she is actually due in a few days) have been joking around about the final few weeks of checkups.  When we were “new pregos” we both thought that at every single checkup we’d have to get undressed, put on the gown, and have the whole pelvic exam with the stirrups and all.  We were both surprised (and happy!) to learn that after the first appointment, you actually never have to get undressed again until 36 weeks.  You just go in, pull up your shirt to let them listen to the heartbeat, and that’s really all the bod you have to bare.  Well… my next appointment will be 36 weeks.  That is when you don the gown again and they check your cervix, look to see if you are dilating, etc.  They will all be “naked appointments” from here on out whether I like it or not.  Oh well…. farewell modesty, farewell….

One final thought.  People ask me all the time how I’m sleeping.  Having a baby press on your bladder does cause more trips to the bathroom, and usually I wake up between 3-4am each night.  Sometimes I wake up an hour after I fall asleep for the same reason and it’s just a vicious cycle all night long.  I feel like I sleep very lightly nowadays, even before I wake up for restroom breaks.  However, Oatmeal evidently thinks otherwise.  He told me that recently he has begun to wake up in the middle of the night because I am breathing really hard.  He said that he will look over at me to make sure I am okay because my breathing will sound so hard and labored.  I had no idea!  Haha, I guess that’s just what happens when your body is growing another human.  It’s hard work, people, even in our sleep!  One of the retired OB doctors that I call on recently told me that pregnant women’s hearts have to work twice as hard as other people.  He actually said, “Pregnant women are the strongest people in the world.”  I feel it!

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