Rashy baby updates.

A couple of updates….I don’t want to leave y’all hanging.

Late last night I got an email from the doctor that basically said, “I have attached a food introduction handout. I do think it is the avocado. Just stick with the items listed and you can try avocado again around 1 yr. YES, breastmilk only until she clears. Increase your probiotic and fish oil (double the dosage) for several days. If you still need to call or come in, feel free. Otherwise, let me know how she does.”

(Um, for the record, I already had 2 handouts from this doctor.  After comparing them closely today, I saw that only one of them listed avocado as an acceptable 6 month first food, whereas the other one didn’t have it listed until 12 months.  Now mind you, I don’t blame the doctor, because I know at least 5 other people who started their kids on avocado with great success and I would have probably done it anyway.  But, it’s worth mentioning that I did have something in writing from a doctor that OKed this!)

So obviously, none of the green mushy stuff for my baby since lunchtime yesterday.

Poppyseed is much better today.  She still has some of the rash remaining but I’d say she has 50% less rashy areas, and the remaining areas are just a little bit pink instead of the bright red.  So, big improvement there.

She remained as happy as ever through this entire episode.  She never had a fever or irritability or anything else that I could pinpoint.  The rash, as angry and scary looking as it was, was really her only symptom.

Lots of people have asked me how it could be avocado since she didn’t appear to be reacting to it until a week or so after it was introduced.  Your guess is as good as mine, people.  We will probably never know what really happened.  But I will still not be giving her another bite of that stuff until she is one year old.

Maybe she reacted to it because I didn’t puree it with much breastmilk, and instead gave it to her in chunks and the pieces were too big for her immature digestive enzymes to handle.

Maybe it was just too early.

Maybe it wasn’t food allergy at all, maybe she did just have a mild virus and that was how it manifested in her little body.

Or maybe it was the leaf.

What leaf?

Oh you know, the leaf I just found in her dirty diaper.

Yes, a leaf.

“What kind of leaf?” my SIL asked.

“Oh you know, the brown wilted types.  From our shrubs.”

I then said to Oatmeal, “Guess what was in Poppyseed’s diaper?  A leaf.”

He said, “HA!  A little ruffage never hurt anyone.”

My guess is that the eating of the leaf occurred yesterday afternoon when we were lounging around with the puppies.  At one point I got up to sweep the porch, and I guess she slipped a leaf in her mouth on the sly.

Oh, you’re nominating me for Mom of the Year Award?  You’re too kind!

But it appears that she is improving, and that is what’s important.  I will take special care to avoid germs, avocado, and leaves in our immediate future.


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