Poppyseed is 7 Months Old

Our Poppyseed turned 7 months old last week.  I know this is a really obvious thing to say, and I probably say it each month, but she really is growing up too fast!  I feel like I am going to blink and she’ll be in kindergarten, blink twice and she’ll be in high school.  Lord help me.

What’s Poppyseed up to at 7 months?  Let’s discuss.

  • Movement – she is a very quick scoocher.  I expect that she will crawl any minute now.  She gets up on her hands and knees, with her torso in the air, and she rocks.  Lately she seems to hold that position for longer lengths of time in order to contemplate her next move, but usually she drops down on her tummy and scoots around that way.  But I can see it – any second now she will crawl!  She scoots from room to room quickly and can push her head and upper body up with her arms so that she can look above her.  She seems to be quite a strong little munchkin, at least in my opinion!
  • Weight/Height – I’m not quite sure what she weighs right now, but last month she weighed 18lbs.  I read in “What to Expect the Second Year” that a 15 month old girl will weigh 23lbs on average.  (I was in the grocery store and that book was on a rack that caught my eye so I flipped through it.)  So basically it looks like we are staying on track to be above average.
  • Noise – Poppyseed is babbling!  We are hearing a lot of ba-ba-ba-ba-ba and da-da-da-da-da-da and other such jibberish.
  • Emotions – We are definitely seeing more signs of a personality!  She is very very curious and quite persistent.  She is also getting more and more attached to us.  This month was the first month that I would let someone else hold her and see that she would lean back towards me.  If I walk into a room full of people and she sees me, she will lock eyes on me and lean in my direction and hold her arms toward me in hopes that I will pick her up.  I love that!  She pats my shoulder with her cute little chunky hands when I rock her, and she rests her head on my shoulder while I rock her at night.  Best.  Feeling.  Ever.
  • Eating – still nursing 6-7 times daily.  6am, 8:30am, 12pm, 3:30pm, 6pm, 10pm.   And sometimes she sneaks in a 2am feeding.
  • Solids – Well, I’m not sold that the rash is an avocado thing.  She’s still got the rash.  It had almost cleared up, but then I hit the Thanksgiving buffet pretty hard and it flared right back up.  She did test intolerant to egg, so I am steering clear of anything that may contain even trace amounts of egg for now, in addition to avoiding gluten.  If she isn’t clear by the weekend, I guess I’ll kick dairy as well.  I hope that doesn’t happen because ever since she started breaking out I’ve been restricting what I’m eating (with the exception of the holiday of course),  and as a result I’m starting to look a little bony.  It’s just really really hard to travel and be a guest at someone else’s home/table and avoid all things wheat, dairy, and egg.  🙁  But, Poppyseed eats a new solid food each week.  The first week was avocado, then butternut squash, then banana, and this week carrot.  Next week will be either cauliflower or bone broth from grassfed beef bones.
  • Sleeping – Again, due to the traveling we’ve been doing, we are sort of in an odd stage.  She’ll sleep though the night for a while, and then she’ll wake up at 2am all of a sudden.  Due to the fact that she was 6+ months old and just starting solids, I decided to go ahead and nurse her at 2am thinking she may be hungry.  Then she got the rash, and so if she woke up at 2am I’d worry that it was bothering her so I’d put her in bed with us.  Or I’d worry about teething.  But then she sleeps through the night with no problem on other nights.  Who knows.  I’m hopeful that once she learns to eat more solids she will have a nice full tummy at bedtime and sleep just fine.  Although when you see the pictures below, you’ll probably comment that she couldn’t possibly be hungry.  😉
  • Features – she definitely has some really blue eyes.  Her eyelashes are very curly, shiny, and blonde.  She is sprouting some blonde hair from her little head now.  She still has her little stork bites on her face, which I adore.  The back of her head is still chubby, she has a little neck roll back there that really cracks me up!  And those legs!  Oh, those legs!  She is just perfect.

How lucky we are.

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