Not Having a TV

This would have blown my mind before this year, but I am now one of “those people.”

One of those people who does not have a TV.

Behold.  This is my living room.  I’m in the middle of putting my Christmas houses out on display, and I’m about to run to Hobby Lobby to buy some snow and white background and such so that I have a cute little village.  But this is a sad sight.

Now, I used to be one of “those” people who DID have a TV, yet claimed I did not watch it much.  I bet half of you readers (so approximately 3 people) are sitting there saying, “Yeah, I mean I barely watch TV myself.”  But the reality is that you probably watch a solid amount.  You probably claim that you leave it on for background noise and end up watching a good bit more than you will admit to yourself.  That was the truth for me.  This was especially true of my life during my maternity leave, which was basically 8 solid weeks of sitting in a recliner, nursing, and watching reruns of The Kardashians.

Sad, sad, sad.

It was actually not an intentional choice to go without the Magic Box of Entertainment.  When Oatmeal and I got married, we each had a TV.  We moved into a rental house, and it actually came with a nice flat screen mounted in the living room.  We put our 2 TVs in storage, and by the time we moved they were so dated and dusty that we sold them to a college kid and forgot about it.

Until, that is, we moved into a house with an enormous shelf made for a TV.

Okay, so the reality is that we have (surprisingly) done just fine without filling this big ole space.  We don’t have immediate plans to buy one.  We have Wifi.  I have a laptop, and he has an iPad.  I still get my Revenge and Modern Family fix by watching them online, and he streams the live announcements of football games that he wants to keep up with.  So it’s not like we have just completely cut ourselves off by not having a big screen.

There are just too many other things we’d like to do with our extra cash for the time being.  (Oatmeal would rather use his money to buy a few cows, and I’d like to use it to go on a trip with a friend after Christmas.)  But what do I do with this huge, random space in my living room until then?  I’m about to cover it up with a “snow village,” but after that it will just go back to being a big blank hole.

Any suggestions?

Finally, I’ll leave you with this article that I copied and pasted from this hilarious blog that I found called “Stuff White People Like.”  Enjoy.

#28 Not Having a TV

The number one reason why white people like not having a TV is so that they can tell you that they don’t have a TV.

On those lonely nights when white people wish they could be watching American Idol, Lost, or Grey’s Anatomy, they comfort themselves by thinking of how when people talk about the show tomorrow they can say “I didn’t see it, I don’t have a TV.  That stuff rots your brain.”

It is effective in making other white people feel bad, and making themselves feel good about their life and life choices.

Though these people often fill their time by talking with other friends who don’t watch TV about how they don’t watch TV, looking at leaves, cooking, reading books about left wing politics, and going to concerts/protests/poetry slams.

Generally this makes them very boring and gives you very little to talk to them about.  It’s important that you NEVER suggest they are making a mistake or that there is a value to owning a TV.  You should just try to steer the conversation to allow them to talk about how they are better than you.


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  1. We, on the other hand, have TWO televisions over 42 inches in the house. Our bedroom might as well be a drive-in. And it probably does “rot your brain” as he claims. 😉

    • Nothing wrong with having a TV… Now that I got laid off I’ll probably (a) wish I had one more often, and (b) have to wait even longer to save up for one!

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