Oatmeal turns 33

Yesterday Oatmeal turned 33.

He isn’t much of a birthday celebrator.  I’d imagine that most people born the day after Christmas aren’t.

We woke up in Louisiana, where we’d gone to visit my folks for the holidays.  We were in the diesel truck and had pulled the horse trailer with us so that we could bring home some old family furniture.

So, on his birthday, we hauled furniture along Louisiana and Texas highways.  Quite memorable, eh?

I can’t say I mind sitting next to this guy while we drive for 6 hours.  I know that we all have a type, and he is mine.  There’s just not anything more attractive to me than a mid-30s guy wearing jeans and a beanie hat who needs a good shave.

Oatmeal on 33rd birthday


Happy birthday to my love.

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  1. You are too funny! Happy belated Birthday, Oatmeal!

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