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Greetings, y’all, and Happy New Year!

I write this from my bathtub.  Shocker, right?  I have a (half) glass of red wine to my left, and my computer is to my right.  It’s 9pm, and all is calm in my casa.  Oatmeal is asleep on the couch, Poppyseed is asleep in her crib, breakfast and lunch are already cooked and tucked away in the fridge, and I’ve caught up on laundry.

I can honestly say that, while I did not get everything accomplished that I thought I would today, I have not been this relaxed at 9pm since before I had a baby!

The holidays were a whirlwind.  We drove SO much.  Thanksgiving involved a trip to Ruston, which was a great time but is just always so much driving and packing.  We spent the days prior to Thanksgiving with my parents, and then came back to Texas to spend the actual holiday with Oatmeal’s family.  Then we celebrated Christmas with Oatmeal’s family in mid-December so that we could return right back to Louisiana for my family Christmas.

I have to admit, I love the holidays, but this year it wore me out!  We finally got back to our house on the 26th so that we could do a quick celebration with just the three of us.


New Year’s was much more relaxed.  We went to a friend’s lake house and spent the day eating great food, playing with 5 kids, and just visiting with each other.  I am embarrassed to tell you that I think I was alseep by 11:30pm.  Which, if I were being honest, I would admit that I do not regret at all!



This was the best shot I could get of 4 kids!

This was the best shot I could get of 4 kids!

Anyway, it feels SO GOOD to be back at home with absolutely ZERO weekend plans for the next several weeks.  Today Oatmeal went back to work, and I was able to sleep in with Poppyseed.   I definitely felt like today was my first true day as a stay at home mom.  Even though last week I was at home with the baby quite a bit, I was always packing or out of town, and so it just didn’t really feel like it was real.  This morning definitely felt different.  I talked to a few friends on the phone this morning, and then I gave Poppyseed some breakfast.  (We are back on solid foods – hooray!)  I threw on some sweats and we drove to the Crossfit gym.  I recently joined a gym with plans to attend twice a week at 5am (before work), but today I decided to try the 12pm class.  I wasn’t sure if it would work out to have Poppyseed with me, but it went fine!  She was content to sit in her carseat for the first half of the workout, and then toward the end she began to get a little fussy.  Luckily there was another mom there with older kids, and she offered to get her kids to play with her during our WOD.  I readily accepted and got in a great workout!  I know it will be kind of hit and miss as she gets older and more mobile, but I am really hoping to figure out a way to do it.

With the rest of the afternoon I paid some bills, did some things for my mom, and spent some time in the play room with Poppyseed.  She is beginning to pull up on things and loves to stand up, but she isn’t so keen on sitting back down.  At one point she got SO tired and fussy that I put her in her crib for a nap, and that opened a whole new can of worms with her pulling up on the rails of her crib and crying until I came back to lie her back down.  It took 3 rounds of me going into her nursery to lie her back down before she finally gave in and went to sleep.  I hope that this is a short lived stage! 


Well, I feel like since it’s January 2nd, I should go ahead and publicly proclaim my resolutions.  I love making resolutions and I usually do a pretty fair job of sticking with them.

In previous years I made the following resolutions…

  • Run my first half marathon.  This was my resolution a few years ago, because I’d fallen off the wagon in terms of running.  So I picked up jogging again and ran in the Houston half marathon.   I’ve run three in total now, and while I used to think I would one day run a full, I doubt my knees will allow such a thing these days!
  • Chase happiness.  Okay, this one may seem a little silly, but there was one year where I was just not having a good time due to being in a rather blah relationship. I vowed to myself that I’d turn things around for myself by the end of the year.  I definitely waffled a little bit during that year, but let’s just say I prevailed in the end.  By the following New Year’s Eve, I was dating Oatmeal.  Tada!
  • Forgive and forget.  When I was in my early 20’s, it struck me that I was carrying a lot of old grudges.  I was still annoyed with a high school acquaintance for something silly.  I had never gotten over an argument with a college friend.  I realized I needed to grow up and get over it.  I called the people I had been annoyed with and basically started fresh.  That was probably the best resolution I’ve ever made, because it really was so petty of me to hold grudges for dumb things for so long.  Ever since that year, I give myself a gut check around New Year’s and make sure I haven’t picked up any other negative feelings toward anyone that need to be addressed.  I think that more people should do that, because it’s very freeing to just get over yourself sometimes!

This year my resolutions are pretty straightforward.  Oatmeal and I made them together, and I hope that we stick to them over the next 12 months.

1. No Starbucks in January.  Okay, this one is just Lola’s.  I have sworn off Starbucks so many times, with such little success.  (There’s gotta be crack in that stuff!  Seriously!!)   I knew better than to try to give it up for a whole year, but I figure I can make it 31 days and then reassess in February.
2. Explore the blog possibilities!  I have scheduled a few hours each day to develop my blog into something a little more meaty.  It will certainly be a long process, but I hope that this time next year I can look back and say that I’m proud of how far it has come.
3. Live according to our monthly budgets.  This one will take quite a bit of discipline.  We have been setting monthly budgets since September, which has been a huge help to our personal finances and savings goals.  But now that I have been laid off, it will be absolutely essential to stick to our written monthly plans.  I already hate it because that will mean saying “no” to a lot of activities that we would have said yes to before.
4. Trust!  This is a continuation of Resolution 3.  I was lying in bed last night after making our budget for this month, wondering just HOW we would continue to do things now that I am not working.  HOW will we save for our future retirement?  HOW will we set aside money for our children to go to college?  HOW will we ever go on a fun vacation again?  HOW will be buy a big plot of land with room for horses and a house one day?  And you know what?  I just need to chill out.  I have a hardworking and ambitious husband, and it’s not like I can’t get another job in the future if that is what we choose.   Ever since we took the Dave Ramsey class, I have realized that every cent we have earned or been given has been a gift from God.  It’s not our job to toss it around irresponsibly, but to manage it in a way that is responsible and if we do this we will be just fine.
5. Our final resolution is Oatmeal’s, and that is to begin a weekend business.  I’m not quite sure what he has in mind, but I can’t wait to see what he cooks up.  🙂

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