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Welp, I just got Oatmeal and Poppyseed off to bed.

Meaning, I can go pop open a bottle of red wine.

Oatmeal gave up red wine for 30 days.

I…. did…. not.

Speaking of, I got this really neato wine fridge for Christmas!  My dad and stepmom gave it to us.  It’s safe to say it will get a LOT of use.

I realize I have talked about wine in my last three blog posts.  I kind of feel like mentioning that I am not an alcoholic.  Unless alcoholics are just people who love to have a glass of wine each night once their husband goes to bed.

So, I spent all week wondering what kind of “topics” I should have on my blog.  I made a list of literally dozens of topics.  It got a little out of hand.  Finally, I just decided to keep it simple and go with these.

  • wifey lola – First and foremost, I am a wife.  I married Oatmeal, and like it or not, I will be his wife F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  I am head over heels for this guy, so it sounds like a good plan to me.  Who knows what I’ll blog about under this category.  It will probably be everything from books that I have read about marriage, to goofy stories about the two of us.
  • mama lola – I have been a mom for a very short time.  Therefore, you won’t see me give any advice or pretend that I’m a know-it-all about parenting.  If anything, you’ll probably raise your eyebrows at many of my parenting ideas and get chuckles as I try different things and then publicly face-plant on this blog.  You should, however, look forward to some guest posts by mothers who DO know more than I do.  With that being said, if you would like to guest post, or know someone else who would be fun to nominate, please let me know.  You can email me ( or just leave a comment below.  My first guest post will be a military wife with three kids who recently moved to Japan for 3 years.  Please don’t think you need to be an expert on any particular topic in order to guest post.  If you are a mom and like to write, and you just want an outlet for that, this could be fun for you.  I’d love to hear from stay at home moms, working moms, first time moms, moms of multiples, homeschooling moms, moms who have a whole freaking litter of kids, etc.  I just really love reading about other moms in general and what goes on in their homes on a day to day basis.
  • paleo lola – Okay, I’m going to go ahead and say it right now – I am not 100% paleo, and there are PLENTY of paleo blogs out there.  The world does not need another website that makes you feel guilty for not spending your entire weekend cooking 10lbs of ground grassfed beef to get you through the week.  But I do keep a 99% paleo household, and I try to do my best when I leave the premises.  Maybe I can offer a more family-friendly, realistic spin on this way of eating.  I cook every single day, and I do have some pretty simple recipes that may be worth sharing.  But seriously, don’t call me a hypocrite if you find me at a family function having a piece of birthday cake or eating a bag of mini-marshmallows.  I’m definitely an 80/20 kind of follower.
  • prego lola – I’m not currently pregnant (at least 99% sure about that…) but I did blog quite a bit about being pregnant.  I also plan to be pregnant at least once more.  At this current stage in my life I have to really limit my red wine intake, not because I’m with child, but because if I get too tipsy my husband will take the opportunity to create Baby #2.
  • random lola – this will be, well, random.  I may write about my friends.  Or something cool that I bought or want to buy.  Or a neat book I read.  Or just a story from my past.  This topic will probably be the most inappropriate and will probably be my favorite category of all.

I also created a category for Oatmeal.  I will be attempting to get him to guest post from time to time.  His postings will surely be witty and probably somewhat strange.  Actually, that’s just a good way of describing Oatmeal anyway.

Anyway, this is the direction that I have decided to take.  I hope it leads me somewhere fun!

I’ll close this short post with a few pictures from the weekend.  Now that I don’t work, I get to officially call Friday a part of the weekend.  It certainly felt like that last week, because my friend Sara came to visit.  We went to check out the new MSC at A&M’s campus.  That night my fam drove to my BIL/SIL’s house to watch the Aggies BTHO of OU in the Cotton Bowl game, and the rest of the weekend passed by quietly at home.  We woke up this morning and put on our Sunday best and then actually spent about thirty minutes driving around and looking at churches in the area.  We’d planned on visiting a church nearby, but when we pulled into the parking lot 10 minutes before the service began there were only about twelve cars there.  The church was rather large, with a big parking lot, and we honestly felt as if there should have been more people there.  So…. we left and drove around until we found another one.  I guess that at 18, you bar hop… but at 28, you church hop?







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  1. I wanna hear more about crockpot Lola. Baha jk…kinda

  2. I’ve been working in the same list for my blog. I definitely need to utilize it more (it gets way more views than my website). We should trade guest spots on eachothers blogs, that would be fun!

  3. Brooke Cranek says:

    I so understand the church hoping. I have finally found a non denominal church after going to 5 Catholics around my house. A big disappointment to me that the city Catholic Churches didn’t out shine the country ones.

  4. love the new topics. i’m so excited. for you.

  5. Everything IS better in the country. 🙂

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