Go Away Stomach Flu

It has been a rough 36 hours at our house.

On Wednesday around 6pm, I started to feel rough.  We were cooking dinner (T-bone steaks and brussels sprouts) and the food smelled, well, AWFUL.  I was certain that either the steaks or the veggies were rotten.  When I took a bite – yuck.  Yep, surely this food was rotten.

I looked up at Oatmeal and asked him, “How are you eating this food?  Don’t the brussels sprouts taste gross to you?”  He hesitated, looking unsure of himself, and then said, “Well I didn’t notice anything….”

Suddenly I flashed back to July of 2011.  I was cooking dinner one night, and as soon as the kitchen smelled like food I started to feel queasy.  It wasn’t long before I realized I was pregnant.

My heart skipped a beat and an alarm went off in my head.  I looked at Oatmeal and said, “OH CRAP!  I MAY BE PREGNANT!”

Oatmeal smiled.  “Well good,” he said, and then returned to munching on his dinner.

(Why is it that some men react so smugly and proudly when they learn that they have impregnated their wives??  I mean, did he doubt that he was capable of such a thing?  Hello, we already have one kid.)

My mind was spinning.  Okay, YES, I’ve been thinking about having #2, but I just didn’t see how it was possible that I could be pregnant.  I kept thinking, “Okay, sure, if I’m pregnant then great… but how?  HOW could this have happened?  We have been careful… I just don’t see when or how this happened!”

I went to my special place (the bathtub) without my nightly glass of wine.  I tried to relax, but all I could think about was “I wonder if it’s a girl again” or “I still feel like I may be sick.”

And then, shortly after my bath, I was sick.  Very, very, very sick.

All night long.

Nope, not pregnant, just the stomach flu.

My MIL came up to take care of Poppyseed  yesterday so that I could rest and recover.   (Don’t think for a minute that I am not so incredibly grateful that I have her nearby to swoop in during rough times like this!)  Unfortunately by about 3pm the sickness had hit her too.  My FIL drove up to pick her up and take her home, but by the time he arrived she was in such bad shape that there was no way he was going to be able to get her in the car, so they just decided to camp out here and wait it out.  By 9pm, the bug had attacked him as well…. he is now recovering downstairs on our couch after a very, very long night.

Oatmeal and Poppyseed seem to be fine.  Oatmeal just left for work, and I warned him that if he should start to feel badly, he needed to grab his keys and head home ASAP.

So we have been drinking lots and lots of water (carbonated water especially) and drinking our elderberry syrup.  Have I mentioned this before on my blog?  Click the picture below for the recipe I use for elderberry syrup and some great info on why it’s a great immunity booster and flu preventative.  (I follow her recipe exactly with the exception of honey.  I omit the honey because I have read that babies should not eat honey.  This may not be completely true depending on your source of honey but I haven’t researched it and have found that it still tastes good without it.)

I should note that while I am religious about making sure Poppyseed and Oatmeal take their elderberry syrup every day, I usually skip taking it myself.  Why is it that moms sometimes take care of everyone but themselves?

Elderberry Syrup Recipe from Wellness Mama Blog – Click Image for Recipe

I also emailed Poppyseed’s naturopathic doctor (aka our witch doctor) and asked what she would recommend that I do if Poppyseed gets this bug.  She recommended going to Walgreens and buying oscilliococinum from borion and taking it up to 3 times daily as treatment and preventative.    I’ll definitely be picking up some of that this morning once Poppyseed wakes up.

That’s all for today.  Whew.

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  1. You better be incredibly grateful because I’m jealous!! Haha

  2. I would say stomach bug, not the flu. The flu would have lasted longer than one night. Ha

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