Poppyseed is 9 Months Old

Our lovely little one is 9 months old.

Some milestones:

  • Food – As much as I hated feeding her solid foods in the beginning, it is a lot of fun now.  She has had a wide variety of fruits and vegetables now, and a small amount of meat and fish.  Avocado, banana, zucchini, sweet potato, butternut squash, carrot, red beets, onion, apple, mango, broccoli, salmon, grassfed ground meat, pastured ground pork, and raw grassfed beef liver.  Yes, raw.  I occasionally give her a big spoonful of cod liver oil as well.  The stuff makes me gag but she laps it right down.  Oh, and I gave her a little bit of chicken at a Mexican food restaurant last week.  I can’t lie, it made me nervous to give her chicken from a restaurant, as everything else she has eaten has been prepared and cooked by yours truly.  I know, I know.
  • She pulls up on everything, much like 8 months, only now she is so confident while doing it.  She is beginning to take her arms off of whatever she is holding for very brief moments.  I suspect she will start to move her feet while holding her balance on furniture, and I bet that she will be walking at about a year.  Crazy!
  • She has become even more vocal – she is making little sounds that sound similar to what we say.  If we say a one word syllable (ball), she will make a one syllable sound (ba).  If we say a two word syllable (apple), she makes a two syllable sound (ba-ba).
  • I’ve learned that the earlier I put her to bed, the better she sleeps.  I no longer feed her at 10pm, after some experimenting I was surprised to see she doesn’t need it.  If anything I think that my waking her to feed her at 10pm was causing more harm than good now.  But she still wakes at 4am a lot, so lately I’m just leaving her in her crib until at least 5:30 or 6.  I don’t know when she will learn to sleep later than 4am on her own, but I look forward to that day.
  • Oatmeal just reminded me to put something about her tongue – meaning she is the tongue curling queen.  Neither of us can curl our tongues so we don’t know where she gets this talent!  She can do the most bizarre things with that little baby tongue, and she shows this off every few minutes.
  • Still no teeth – I don’t even think she is really teething at all.
  • She is finally doing a real crawl instead of an army crawl.  The army crawl still makes frequent appearances, but is no longer the majority of her transportation!
  • I think that she is able to understand so much more than we give her credit for.  She knows to stop what she is doing when we say “No” and there are some phrases that she absolutely knows, such as “Are you hungry?” “Let’s get in the carseat,” and “Do you need a dry diaper?”
  • One moment she is incredibly independent – crawling across the yard in Sealy without looking behind her, headed for the horses and dogs with no fear.  The next moment, I can’t even put the kid down without her chasing me and climbing my leg.

A typical day…

  • 6am: nurse, snuggle and snooze in bed together.
  • 9am: solids for breakfast, sometimes nurse (she seems to be dropping this feeding)
  • 12pm: nurse, solids for lunch
  • 3pm: nurse
  • 6pm: nurse, solids for dinner
  • 6:45pm: bath
  • 7pm: bed

We are working on a better nap routine, though I confess I am just not one for scheduling times to be home.  She mainly takes naps while running errands, or I watch her when we are at home and put her down when she seems sleepy.

I think that’s about it for now.

Oh, and I absolutely love being at home with her.  I never imagined I’d love it this much.

Having a baby is awesome.  This entire experience really has been so much more fun than I ever predicted.  Honestly, I can’t believe I was so afraid of having a baby this time last year!

A few pictures…




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  1. She is so precious! The tongue roll is ridiculously cute!!!

    • Thanks Crystal. We think she is precious too but we could be wearing parent goggles 🙂 I loved getting to see you and Carson this weekend!

  2. She is an Absolute Doll!

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