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The past two weeks were crazy.

First, my old employer came and picked up my company car.  Now that, dear friends, was a sad day.  I’d say that watching that car get driven off was one of the worst parts of being laid off.  So, Oatmeal and I spent the following few days car shopping.  We were determined to buy something compatible with our growing family AND our shrunken budget, and we were determined to pay cash in order to avoid a monthly note and wasted money on interest.  So, we ended up with this beauty.   It is officially the least expensive car I have ever owned, but I have never been so pleased with a car.  I think that it’s because it is the “smartest” car we have ever bought.. and no I don’t mean energy saving smart.


Nothing fancy, but we love our new ’07 Edge!

Two days after purchasing the car, Poppyseed and I hit the road for Louisiana.  Ever since my mom moved out of her house, we have been needing to clean it out and sell it.  So I spent the next four days cleaning out, sorting, pricing, advertising, and selling all of the furniture, china, glassware, clothing, appliances and random household items that we no longer needed.  I have never participated in an estate sale before, and to be honest I would not mind if I never had to again.  🙁  But I did get to see my mom, which is always good.  She may shoot me for putting this picture on my blog, but I just love it so much.  Poppyseed loves to perch on her lap and make faces at her Grammy.


After 5 days of being away from home and Oatmeal, we were SO ready to get back to Texas.  I did have to do some work when I got back.  I have picked up a part time job that is 100% commission based.  I will not even get a paycheck (if I earn one…) until April.  I definitely feel like I am rolling the dice by going to work on the 1-2 days per week that I do go.  But, if it works out it will really help out our household.  Plus, in all honesty I do like having a part time job.  I have found that I LOVE being at home with P, but I am starting to think that working 1 or 2 times a week may just be the best of both worlds.  🙂

On the days where I haven’t worked, I’ve been going to Crossfit.  I am really happy that I decided to get a membership to a Crossfit gym.  At first I planned to go to the 5am classes, because I was working full time and I figured I’d just go when Oatmeal was getting ready for work in the mornings.  But now that I’m at home, I just take Poppyseed with me to the morning or afternoon classes.  I have to admit that Crossfit gyms have always been very intimidating to me.  The workouts can be confusing, and having a baby with me usually means that I am only about 60% focused on the exercise because I am always sort of worried about her.  But of the 10 or so times that I’ve gone, she has only gotten really upset 1 time.  The other times she sits in her carseat and I just keep giving her different toys.  She typically fusses a little bit, but it’s really not bad at all.  Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes I wish I were in a more mom-friendly environment such as a Stroller Strides or something, but again, I signed up for a membership at this Crossfit gym back when I was working.  I think that it’s going to be really good for us to continue going.  I like the idea of taking her to do things with me, even if they aren’t necessarily “kid-friendly.”  In fact, I even took her to work with me today!  The two customers I called on didn’t seem to mind at all that I had a cute little bundle of baby on my hip when I dropped off their supplies.  Yep, this stay at home job isn’t bad at all.

And on Saturday, Oatmeal and I even went on a date.  We recently found a church that we really like.  It is a good size…. I guess I would say that it is small enough that it’s very easy to get to know the reverend and congregation, but it is large enough to have a very wide variety of activities.  So, when we saw in the bulletin that there was a Valentine’s dance, we thought “Hey, let’s go check it out!”  It seemed like a great way to support the church and also spend some time together, but really I have to admit that I was hoping to run into some people our age.  It would be fun to meet some other couples with small kids.  We decided that going to the dance would be a good way to start meeting people.

Well, that was a total bust!  Despite the fact that there are LOTS of people our age at the worship service we attend on Sundays, apparently it is common knowledge to all of those late-20’s and early 30’s people that the Valentine’s dance was NOT the place to be.  Common knowledge to everyone but us.  We got there and sat down at a table alone, only to be alone an hour later.  Let’s just say that the dance was the hot place to be if you were in college, or if you were 60.  But our age group… not so much.

We did take a picture in front of the “Eiffel Tower” just before ducking out and heading to the nearest wine bar.  I think that this shot pretty much makes up for any prom picture that we may have missed out on due to not meeting until after our education was complete.  🙂

Our "night in Paris" was oh so enchanting.

Our “night in Paris” was oh so enchanting.

Otherwise, we have just been doing normal things.  We play and read at home, go to the grocery store, and spend time outside on sunny days.  Oh you know, just living the dream.  I’ll try and get better about updating.  I just needed this post to “break the ice” after a long absence.


My little one loves to crawl around outside in the sun.

This baby is at the grocery store with me almost daily.  The cashiers know us by name.

This baby is at the grocery store with me almost daily. The cashiers know us by name.




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  1. Absolutely awesome picture of MJ & Violet! A favorite for sure! I sympathize with you on cleaning out the house. It’s a difficult process on so many levels.

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