Poppyseed is 10 Months Old

My little one is 10 months old.  Time’s a flyin’.

A few things she’s up to these days…

  • She is a very fast crawler.  She crawls from room to room so quickly now that I have to really be on top of my game, or I will lose her!  She is also pulling up on things and taking steps while she holds furniture.  Everyone is predicting that she will walk when she is about 1 year old.  We’ll see.
  • We are still having fun raising a little paleo baby.  She is eating pretty much whatever we eat, unless it requires a lot of chewing.  She is currently cutting her first teeth – the two on the bottom – and so I have to make sure that the food that I do give her is mushy enough to handle with just her gums.  She eats lots of veggies, LOVES banana and blueberries, can mow down almost an entire sweet potato by herself, and can eat endless amounts of salmon and chicken.  I have found that she really refuses avocado and absolutely breaks out into a rash if she does eat it.  So there will be no more avocado for her until she is 18 months old and then we may reintroduce.  The only other food I’ve found that she hasn’t cared for at all is tilapia.
  • She still nurses 3-4 times a day, sometimes more and sometimes less.  On an average day she nurses first thing in the morning, sometimes at 9am, 12pm, 4pm, and 6pm.  I don’t have plans to wean her right at one year, but I suspect she will take less and less over the next several months and we will just naturally come to an end.  I bet the first morning feeding is the last to go.
  • Lately she is doing the funniest things.  She knods her head a lot.  It cracks us up because it looks like she is so decisive.  She curls her tongue ALL the time.  Oatmeal and I just laugh and laugh at the tongue curling, because she can practically turn it 360 degrees and yet we can’t even curl ours!
  • She is getting more curious, and by curious I mean she is making some major messes.  She opens my bathroom cabinets in the morning and throws everything around.  I have a big plastic bin full of tampons, fertility tests and pregancy tests (all in plastic wrappers), and she thinks that it is SO fun to play with those!  Ha!  And the tupperware cabinet in the kitchen is absolutely her favorite place to investigate when I am cooking each evening.
  • I think we have an animal lover.  She gets excited and kicks her feet when she sees the horses.  And she is always crawling up to the dogs, lying her head on them, and pulling on their ears/lips/noses.
  • We’ve had a few scares lately that have shown me that I absolutely need to spend some time teaching her how to go backwards to get off of tall things.  Today she scooted right off of the bed – face first –  and landed on her head.  I had stepped away for literally .5 seconds and she really just dove off!  There were lots of tears, and I felt really terrible.  Luckily I have carpet in my bedroom.   A few days ago we were playing in her room and I heard the washing machine buzz.  Rather than carry her downstairs with me to switch the clothes to the dryer, I got up and just closed the door to her bedroom and ran downstairs.  I went straight to the laundry room and switched the clothes, and then I immediately walked back upstairs.  I turned the corner halfway up our staircase, and then just about jumped out of my skin.  Poppyseed was sitting on the 3rd step from the top, looking me straight in the eye!  I guess I didn’t close her bedroom door all the way, and she was able to crawl out of her room and down THREE STAIRS!  By herself!  I tell you, it took me about 10 minutes to get my heart rate to slow down.  I borrowed a baby gate from a friend ASAP, but wouldn’t you know that damn thing is so complicated that I can’t figure out how to get it to work.
  • Okay, I know that I am not going to actually have a potty trained kid at such a young age, but I have to document this.  She absolutely goes to the potty on the regular toilet.  Every morning she makes a dirty diaper, and if we are at home I can usually tell when it’s about to happen.  If I can tell it’s coming, I take her diaper off real quick and put her on the toilet and BAM.  She goes in the potty.  Then, each night I put her on the potty again right before her bath.  Sometimes she just sits there and we just clap and play until she gets restless and I take her off of it.  But there are plenty of nights where she will immediately pee, and we clap our hands and celebrate.  It cracks me up!  I don’t know how much control a baby that young even has, but I hope that when she is old enough to actually potty train it is a smooth process since she will at least be familiar with the potty!
  • Last but not least…. I have been a SAHM for 2 months now, and I love it.  I absolutely love it.  I don’t miss any of the things that I thought I would miss about working.  And I don’t feel as if I’m just sitting around bored all day either.  I really love being at home with her.  It’s a nice pace.  I don’t have to wake up super early and pack up all of her things, take her to daycare, work/pump/work/pump/work/pump, pick her up, cook/clean and go to bed late, just to do it all over again.  And really, let me just tell you, I feel SO BLESSED that I didn’t even have to make the decision to work or not to work.  I actually feel blessed that I was just laid off.  It’s like God knew I couldn’t make up my mind, so he just made the decision for me.  So I never have to wonder “What if I quit my job and I regret it…” because it just happened.  I feel like I can focus on being a great mom and a great wife without the added stress of work.  The days are longer (in a good way) and I don’t feel like I miss anything.  I feel SO lucky that I’ve had the experience of working, staying at home, and even working part time.  It’s made me very understanding of each scenario.  I know that each woman and family is different, and I wish that every mom could try all three ways of doing it before ultimately  making her decision.  I guess I think that oftentimes a mother may say “I could never work,” or “I could never stay at home” when honestly…. how does she know if she hasn’t experienced it?  You can’t knock it til you try it, I guess, and in 10 short months I’ve tried it all!  Now financially…. things are definitely different.  But I really have been amazed at how God has provided for us in that area, too.  Again, I just feel beyond blessed at where we are as a family right now.  🙂

Finally, some recent pictures.  My MIL took these pictures of Poppyseed on her 10 month birthday.  I was in New Orleans, spending my first nights away from Poppyseed since having her.  (I told Oatmeal months ago that rather than him buy me a Christmas gift, I’d much rather him agree to keep Poppyseed for me so that I could drive to NOLA with some friends and spend the night out of town, eat good food, and just have a girls weekend.  He agreed, and so I enjoyed Christmas in February!)


Anyway, Oatmeal took Poppyseed to Sealy and they had a grand ole time without me.  Here’s my adorable baby and her hunky daddy.

DSC_1708 DSC_1707 DSC_1702 DSC_1699 DSC_1696 DSC_1695 DSC_1693 DSC_1690 DSC_1683 DSC_1681 DSC_1678 DSC_1672 DSC_1671 DSC_1669 DSC_1656 DSC_1654 DSC_1653


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  1. I LOVED reading this! Made my heart smile. Love you 3! PS- I think she is telling you she wants a sibling by her choice of play items! 🙂

  2. Love this! She is getting so big and her pictures are precious. Come visit this summer!!

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