A follow up to the “that mom” post.

I got a few (really nice!) comments, texts, and calls about my post last night.  Sometimes I have to laugh, because, well, I can only imagine how unstable I can seem to anyone who just comes across the blog.  I pretty much just had a meltdown about juice boxes and birthday cakes, right?

In all honesty,  I think this blog has become a place for me to air all of my dirty laundry, do all of my venting, worry aloud, and just sort of yell and scream.  The reality is that I get it all out on the blog, and then I’m just able to walk away feeling all calm and breezy.  But to you, dear reader, I bet you’re thinking…


So, sorry for the intensity.  I’d say I’ll work on it, but I don’t like lying.

That said, I loved this video that someone sent me today!

What To Do When People Think You’re Nuts – Mama Natural

and I cannot forget this one… which is pretty old but I swear could be me in real life.  “No cookies… no graham crackers… no juice…”  HA!  That really is something I would say.

Shit Crunchy Mamas Say – Part 2

“Does this bacon have nitrates?”   Another something out of my mouth.


Today was a really great day.  I went to Crossfit and did the 13.3 workout.  150 wall balls is about 100 too many in my opinion, but I made it through.  I’m still a Crossfit newbie, and I have no idea why there is a new “13” workout being announced every Wednesday night.  I don’t really know what it signifies, but all of the diehard Crossfitters are really into it and so I just pretend to understand and perform the movements as I’m told.  I’d love to get more involved with the gym, but honestly my goal at this phase of life is just to try to get in a decent workout while keeping my baby from screaming.  Half of the time I can’t even remember to count my reps, and so I just continue to exercise until everyone else in the room is finished.  A few days ago one of the trainers asked me why I did so many extra burpees.  I think I answered something like, “Well, when I work out here I feel like 50% of my brain is focused on my baby whining in her carseat and the other 50% is thinking about doing the movements correctly so that I don’t drop heavy weight on my face.  So in all honesty, I just don’t have the mental capacity to also count how many reps I’ve done!”

She seemed to accept this, for which I was grateful.

As for the rest of my day….

I drove down to Cypress and had lunch with my SIL, Bree.  We ate at Newks (it is my favorite place these days) and had a great chat about all things family and raising girls.  Then I went to the outlet mall and walked all over it with Poppyseed on my hip.  This was quite a bit of exercise, especially after all 150 wall balls this morning.  I was really on the hunt for a good pair of everyday jeans after splitting the crotch on both pairs of my favorites this week.  (Who knew I’d wear out jeans so quickly once I stopped wearing suits every day?)

After 4 stores and about 15 pairs of jeans, I settled on a fairly classic pair of bootcuts and decided to call it a day.  Poppyseed had found just about every piece of lint on the floor of every dressing room, not to mention if she licked another mirror I was going to start to judge myself.

Sometimes it really does feel like there are multiple babies going in multiple directions.

Sometimes it really does feel like there are multiple babies going in multiple directions.

So today I bought myself not only a new pair of jeans, but I wandered into the Nike store and even treated myself to an actual workout “outfit.”  It’s funny how much I get excited about purchases like this!  Now I won’t feel like such a slob next to all those college chicks with their body piercings and Lululemon.  (For the record, this attire cost half of what one pair of Lululemon pants would have cost.)  It feels good to wear clothes that actually FIT after having the baby, that aren’t so worn out that they are practically sheer, and let’s be serious, it feels good to wear a sportsbra that actually supports its contents.

Not lululemon, but very cool.

Not lululemon, but still very cool.

What’s kind of funny about today is that I spent more time in the dressing room of the Nike store than anywhere else.  Why?  Well that is where I stopped to nurse P.  Even though she is nearly 11 months old, she is still nursing 3-4 times a day.  I always figured we’d have dropped to only 1-2 sessions by this time, but I really don’t see her slowing down anytime soon.  The whole time I was nursing her I kept thinking about the moms who are ending up in the media for nursing their babies in Target or other public places.

Now, this may surprise some of you, because anyone who knows me well knows that I am 100% pro-breastfeeding.  So people would probably be surprised to hear that honestly, I just don’t see why any mom would care to walk around (uncovered) in a public store while nursing her baby.  I have spent plenty of time in public places while comfortably nursing my baby because, well, I have a life and places to be!  But when it’s time to feed P, I just cover up or duck into a private area.  I would walk around and nurse if I could, but I’m not that good at doing so modestly.  And I really don’t blame people for not wanting to catch a glimpse of my nipple if she chose to unlatch and throw her head back while I peruse picture frames and stock up on light bulbs.   So today, as I sat in the dressing room and fed my kid, I had to wonder… “Are these women in Target walking around completely exposed and pissing people off, or are they just walking around discretely and still drawing attention?”

Am I the only one who thinks this way?

I mean, yes, I do think that we should be able to feed our babies anywhere we want. If I were on an airplane or in a place where I truly could not privately nurse my child, I would be downright pissed off if someone had a problem with me.  I think that people who get “offended” by breastfeeding just need to grow up.  (I heard some story recently about a man in Mississippi telling a nursing mom, “We’ve got bathrooms for that.”  What an ignorant bonehead.)

I am especially sympathetic to newer moms who are still getting used to nursing babies on the go.   I vividly remember trying to stay covered and nurse in a restaurant.  I was so awkward at positioning her, and I was seriously sweating it because I was so concerned that someone may look my way in that millisecond of time that I may have let some skin show.  But c’mon… I’ve been feeding a kid for 11 months in all KINDS of places, and rarely have I found myself at a total loss for quiet, comfortable places to go.  There are awesome nursing covers nowadays, some places actually have nursing rooms, and yes – sometimes I just go to my car for privacy and comfort.  Yes, it is sometimes a little bit out of the way to go back to my car to nurse.  But guess what… it is a nice break from the business and I enjoy spending that time with my baby.

So anyway, there’s my two cents… I guess I fall in the middle.  Pro-nursing… but anti-nipple-in-the-middle-of-Target.  I’m sure someone will disagree with me, but there you have it.

How did this post end up talking about nursing in public?  Too much wine, I’m calling it quits.

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