32 Weeks.

I realize that very few people care about my bi-monthly pregnancy updates, but I am a lot better at this blog than I am at filling out the baby book! 


  • My 32 week appointment went well.  Now instead of going once a month, I’ll go every 2 weeks for a little while until the last month when I’ll go weekly.  
  • I was surprised this week to have blood work to do.  Most of my appointments up until this point have just been weight checks and blood pressure checks. 
  • I found out that I passed my glucose test!  Woohoo!
  • My weight gain so far is 22lbs or so.  I kind of expect to start gaining at a faster rate (similar to early in my second trimester) because last week I started feeling a lot more hungry than I have been the past few months.  We’ll see.
  • I ATE MY PIZZA!  Some of you know that I have been craving pizza for months.  I had some in my first trimester but have been holding off since then.  But, I knew that I would let myself indulge once before the baby came.  On Thursday, don’t ask me why, but I got a crazy pregnant-lady urge and pulled into Blue Baker in College Station for lunch.  I ordered a 12” pepperoni pizza and ate EVERY BITE.  And you know what?  I don’t regret it one single bit.  Best dang pizza I’ve ever tasted. 
  • For the first time this weekend I looked at my feet and they looked the SLIGHTEST bit swollen.  However, tonight they look normal again.  Maybe it was in my head, or maybe I’m really starting to swell.  We’ll see.
  • It’s getting really hard to bend over and pick things up, or to sit down and put my shoes on.  It just wears me out and sort of makes me breathless.
  • Still a lot of Braxton Hicks, especially when I get up quickly or move around a lot (exercising, cleaning, etc).  I still find that the best way to get them to ease up a little bit is to drink a lot of water and get off of my feet for a bit.
  • I am starting to think I have a baby acrobat in my belly.  This baby is SO active.  So many kicks, jumps, rolls, pokes, hiccups, etc.  I can’t possibly count the number of movements in an hour, I’d get into the triple digits.  It is SO funny to see my belly jump around during the day.  And I still love waking up in the middle of the night to feel all the little movements.
  • Well this may sound strange, but I had a really odd moment over the weekend.  On Saturday night as I was getting out of the shower before bed,  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  It literally stopped me in my tracks.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been inspecting myself pretty steadily throughout the whole process.  I’ve seen my body make changes, and taken note of little things here and there.  But that night, for some reason, when I looked into the mirror it was, well, different.  My belly is so…. PREGNANT looking.  My chest is so…. MATRONLY looking.  My shoulders and arms look so teensy and flimsy next to my much larger upper body and torso.  It wasn’t a bad thing, it was just sort of an out-of-body feeling.  It was actually like I wasn’t looking at myself.  I put on my PJ’s and climbed into bed.  Oatmeal was still awake, and I tried to explain the surreal feeling to him.  I said something like, “Honey, I know this sounds weird, but I just had this moment where I looked into the mirror at myself… and it was so… shocking.  I know that these changes have been very gradual but for some reason it seems sudden to me now.”  He probably thought I was crazy, but he just put his arm around me and said, “Yeah, I can see where you’d feel like that now that you’re towards the end.”  It was comforting to say that to him and have him not laugh at me or make a joke.  So, yeah…. maybe the reality of the situation is really starting to set in!

In other news, Oatmeal and I went home to North Louisiana for the last time before Poppyseed is born.  It was great to see my parents.  My mom and I went on a little online shopping spree, and she bought me a mattress for the crib and also some sheets.  My dad and stepmom, Lil, had a great time eating at their house.  They made gluten-free gumbo for us!  AND – turtle soup!  Oatmeal had never had turtle meat before, and he really liked it.  It was nuts driving back home to Texas and thinking that next time we make that trip, we’ll be with a newborn!  Crazy!

Well, have a great week everyone.  Happy Monday!


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