Poppyseed is 11 Months Old

We are less than 1 month away from Poppyseed’s first birthday.  I don’t know if I’m thrilled or depressed about this.

Hanging out with me at Panera Bread, waiting on my morning coffee.

Hanging out with me at Panera Bread, waiting on my morning coffee.

I fall more and more in love with my kid every day.  I seriously did not know that I could feel this strongly about another person, aside only from her father of course.  I adore this child.  I would do literally anything for her.  She is such an awesome little human.

I used to think that I would never ever become a patient person.  While I still have miles to go, I have found myself improving in this area, at least for now.  Sometimes she does things that drive me batty.  For example, she is throwing her food a lot lately.  It makes me crazy to see her take the food (that I have so carefully purchased and prepared for her) and toss it across the kitchen.  I want to yell at her and sometimes I seriously want to beat the top of the kitchen counter with my fist when this has happened multiple times.  (These are just very honest thoughts coming from me – I swear I do not have anger problems!)  The first few times it happened, I almost did just that.  But I have learned that if I just take a second, literally just one second, to think for a moment before acting, I can catch myself.  I can stop myself from losing my patience, I can even out my tone, and I can attempt to discipline in a very constructive way.  Now sure, sometimes I may say very calmly “Poppyseed, do not throw your food across the kitchen.  It’s for eating, so you only put it in your mouth or else you just leave it on your plate,” when in my mind I’m thinking “So help me God, child… if you throw one more piece of chicken I will scream…”

But again, the old Lola would have lost it from the get-go.  The new mama Lola is trying, really really trying, to be patient and wait for her to do something great so that I can praise and reinforce instead of just freaking out all the time.

So while we are definitely venturing into the toddler stages, and she is becoming much more opinionated on her own, I still am just in awe of how amazing this kiddo is.

Some updates…

  • Did I mention that her eczema cleared up in late January?  How bizarre….after 4 months of a constant bright red rash across her torso and legs, it just went away.  I took her to a pediatric dermatologist who specialized in babies with eczema.  Of course all the doctor did was write me a prescription for a steroid cream and give me some special soap.  Now I’ll admit, I did get the prescription filled at the pharmacy just in case she ended up with a really bad area.  I see kids with eczema so bad that it splits and bleeds, causing lots of discomfort, and I wanted to have something on hand should I get really desperate.  But I never opened that steroid cream after purchasing it.  And wouldn’t you know -two days after her appointment her skin cleared up.  100%.  I was so relieved that I never used the steroid cream.  Imagine if I HAD used it!  I’d have never known otherwise.
  • Poppyseed is babbling a lot more.  No distinguishable words – but LOTS of baby talk.
  • She crawls SO fast.  She isn’t interested in walking just yet.  I sometimes try to get her to practice walking by holding her hands and moving her feet, but she just isn’t there yet.  I’m not going to push it, and instead will just enjoy watching her cute scoot!
  • I am pretty impressed by her climbing skills.  She can now climb stairs (up and down) with no assistance.  There have even been a few times when she has snuck over to the stairs on her own and gone all the way up or down without me.  Now, by no means do I think that she is coordinated enough to do this without supervision, but I am pretty impressed that she made it a few times on the sly.   And she really rocks the playground obstacles.  It’s so funny how kids develop at different rates.  Last week we were at the playground with a baby her age who is actually walking but can’t climb stairs or steps at all.  So while this kid could run circles around P, P could climb all the way up to the top of the gym unassisted and leave the other baby at the bottom.   I suppose they really just develop at their own unique pace.
  • She is still a fantastic little eater.  Another little mama lesson I’ve learned is to let her eat what she wants… and by that I mean I had to learn to R-E-L-A-X.  It all started a few weeks ago.  She’d gone from eating salmon all on her own to rejecting it in favor of fruits and veggies.  I was being a total control freak and trying to sneak it into her mouth when she really didn’t want it.  At a certain point we BOTH got frustrated – and I thought to myself, “What’s wrong with me?  So she takes blueberries in favor of salmon, who can blame her?”  I decided to just let her feed herself from that point on.  I gave her several different foods on her tray and just walked away.  I praised her every time she ate a bite of anything.  “Wow Poppyseed, you are such a great eater!”  “Honey, you are doing so great over there!  You are feeding yourself like a big kid!”  And wouldn’t you know, she DID eat the salmon eventually.  She picked it up, looked at it, put it back down, and then ate it.  I guess I just needed to back off!  Lesson learned.  I’m sure there will be many more food battles, and I hope that I handle them wisely!
  • I’ve been trying to teach her signs (drink, more, potty, nurse) but I haven’t noticed that she is catching on.  I think a lot of the problem is probably my inconsistency.
  • She still doesn’t even hold her own bottle, although she only takes a bottle twice a week.  I’m hoping to skip the sippy cup altogether and go straight to the cup/straw, but it’s taking some time to get that figured out!
  • She’s losing interest in the pacifier.  I guess I just won’t buy anymore, so when we lose the last one that will be it.
  • Everything still goes to the mouth.  EVERYTHING.  I won’t lie, I’ll be so glad when we can go to the playground without her trying to eat gravel.  Dirt I don’t mind, but gravel… eh.
  • She has 4 teeth!  They all emerged within the same 2 week span.  It’s been relatively uneventful – some crying and chewing on things has occurred, but she has been a real champ.
  • I think we may have finally started to overcome the challenge of getting her to sleep past 4am.  I wish I could say that she just grew out of it, but we finally decided to just resort to letting her cry it out.  When she wakes up the first time I go to her, check to make sure she isn’t soaking or dirty, and tell her to go back to sleep.  I will lie her back on her tummy and walk out of her room.  Wow, she does NOT like that  It has been rough.  I used to be soooooo against CIO, but I had hit a wall.  There were just too many mornings where I’d wake up at 4am and literally feel like slapping my own cheeks in order to focus.  I was starting to feel really run down and exhausted.  The child just would NOT sleep.  Finally we just had enough.  I have to admit, as much as I hate leaving her to sort it out on her own, there is a WORLD of difference in how I feel when I actually get to sleep until 6am.  And she is starting to sleep that late without waking as well.  Sorry P, but Mama needed rest, too!  The time had come.

A few pictures and I’ll call it a night…

photo-272 photo-271 photo-270 photo-269 photo-267

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