Are you crunchy or soggy?

I’m becoming a very “crunchy” person.

I used to be quite soggy.  I was all about medicine, processed food, disposable things, and all things convenient.  My favorite quote was “Everything in moderation” when in reality there wasn’t really any moderation at all.

Now I’m a mom and wife.  Suddenly I find myself breastfeeding, making all of our food from scratch, cloth diapering, gardening, drinking raw milk, taking cod liver oil, buying meat from local farms, using a clothing line to dry my clothes, cleaning with lemons, reading up on GMOs, and throwing out all my lotion in exchange for shea butter and coconut oil.

Clothes Line

I still drive an SUV, ask for plastic bags at the grocery store, and wear MAC cosmetics… so I haven’t gone COMPLETELY off the deep end.


One of the things that I think is the most “crunchy” about me is my opinion on doctors and medicine.  I mean c’mon guys, I was raised by a surgeon and until three months ago I was a pharmaceutical representative for one of the biggest drug companies in the world.

And don’t get me wrong, I like doctors and I like pills.  For SOME things.


I haven’t been to the doctor because I was feeling sick since, well…. ever.

I haven’t taken my kid to the doctor because I suspected she was sick since, well… ever.

Now I’m lucky – I haven’t had a heart murmur or weird lump or chronic illness.  I get the basic run of the mill colds, flu, stomach virus, allergies, and sinus infections just like everyone else.  I am not impermeable to illnesses.  I just don’t run to the doctor.  I almost always say, “If I’m still not feeling right in a week I’ll go.”  And I always feel better by then.

The one thing I HAVE gone to the doctor for in the past 10 years (other than pregnancy and PAP smears) was my issue with chronic UTIs and yeast infections – and those have completely resolved since going all crunchy.

(Things that make you go hmmmm….)

So naturally I’ve taken the same approach with my kiddo.  If she gets a low grade fever, I take a bath with her and wrap her in a cool towel afterward.  I make sure she has plenty of fluids and gets lots of sleep.  If I suspect she is coming down with something, I up her elderberry and cod liver oil intake.  When she is congested and can’t breathe, I rub peppermint oil on her chest and feet.

But you know, sometimes I still doubt myself.  I see other mamas around me rushing their kiddos to the doctor all the time and wonder to myself “Am I crazy?  Am I a bad mom?  Will people judge me?  If she DOES get really sick and I DO finally take her in to see a pediatrician, will they call the cops that I waited so long before showing up?”

Soooooooooooo….. when I read this blog today, I felt justified and sooooo much like less of an outsider!  The world is crunchin’ up, people, and this mom NATURALLY cured a chronic double ear infection on her 15 month old to prove it.  I beg you to click on my friend Chelsea’s blog and read about this, because it’s a-MAY-zing.   I am so impressed that I just had to share!

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  1. Awww!! Lola. HEART! Thanks for the blog love.
    Quote o’ the week: “The world is crunchin’ up people.”

  2. I’m in the same boat as you- had my daughter at the hospital, took a pill to fix whatever ailed me, etc. Then I got pregnant with my son and suddenly I wanted a birth center birth with zero drugs and a pregnancy with natural remedies instead of pills. Heck a week or so ago I went with my midwife to Austin to speak to a State Representative and ask her to stand behind birth centers and turn down HB1507. Go figure! I do still love my SUV, pizza, sweets, and wine though :).

    I’ve gotta read about the natural remedies for ear infections!

  3. I am open to using natural remedies but I would still fall into the category of “soggy” strictly because of my line of work. I need my child’s fever to be addressed and diagnosed in order to, with a clear conscience, allow other’s children back into my home. I hate when my child isn’t feeling well and I would never knowingly expose another child.

    • Christy, I completely agree with you. We all make choices as mothers regarding what is best for our kiddos. I was just thrilled to see Chelsea treat an actual medical issue naturally (with success) because it made me feel like I was on less of an island myself. I also think it is just AWESOME and so encouraging that her child’s doctor didn’t make fun of her or eye-roll when she shared what she had done. I would love to see Eastern and Western medicine come together and I think that it is slowly but surely happening!

  4. I love this! It took me FOREVER to find a great doctor but I finally did. My doctor is an MD but really tries natural remedies before using traditional medicines. She trained in Russia and she says this is more common over there. For example, last year I was really struggling with reflux and indigestion and she gave me a list of remedies (Papaya Enzymes, DGL Licorice, Probiotics, Kefir, diet changes, etc…). She made me try these for one month and said if you aren’t better after a month, we need to look into medications such as Pepcid or Nexium at least temporarily because you don’t want to damage the lining of your esophagus which could cause cancer. It ended up improving on it’s own with these remedies and diet changes. Anyway, I guess what I am getting at is sometimes medications are definitely necessary, but often they are not! Thank God they are there when you need them, but they are way overused. Usually diet and lifestyle modifications are huge. Like you said, I just think it is great to try natural remedies, if doesn’t work then there is traditional medicine. I will be on some traditional medications for the rest of my life due to my heart problems, but I will do everything I can to prevent taking any other pills! Oh and essential oils definitely work/help. I am so interested in learning more about these. We have gotten rid of a few infections with them, but I have only used melaleuca, peppermint, and lavender. I wish I knew more. They also help with headaches! Thanks for sharing this… 🙂

  5. We’ve done garlic oil for Joanie’s ear infections. Fixes it right up. Even Gommy has some at her house already! 🙂

    Also… I HAVE to comment that you call yourself “crunchy” and you don’t eat granola. Ha.

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