Poppyseed’s First Birthday

All I want to do right now is sit and stare at pictures taken on the morning that my baby girl was born.  I cannot believe that this time last year I was pacing the halls in a nearby hotel room, unaware that my water would soon break and we would head to the hospital so that our sweet baby could be born.

Sigh.  Why has our first year passed so quickly?

We had a little birthday party for our sweet Poppyseed this weekend.  I already posted over 100 pictures of the event on Facebook, but wanted to add some of my fun Instagram pictures to the blog as well.

Before I post any pictures, I want to say that I sometimes hate social media.  Before I began planning this little party I went to Pinterest, Facebook and good ole Google for ideas.  Oh, I found ideas alright – HUNDREDS of ideas for planning a first birthday.  There were petting zoos, inflatable parks, party plates and straws in multicolored chevron patterns, pictures of families wearing perfectly coordinated outfits, mini cupcakes, four tiered birthday cakes, custom party favors, the list went on.  Looking at the boards on Pinterest made me wince.  I wondered how I would possibly make Poppyseed’s birthday fun and unique and pin-worthy.

Luckily it wasn’t long before I realized that I just did not care.  I am one who LOVES birthdays.  I love to celebrate!  I think everyone should take the whole WEEK to celebrate your birthday – hell, take the whole MONTH – I’m behind you.  I think birthdays are a big deal, and rightfully so.

But chevron straws and a petting zoo and a professional cake for a 1 year old?  Licking stamps on printed invitations and chasing down RSVPs?

Ugh.  I just couldn’t do it.  I wanted to enjoy myself.  I wanted to have fun and not feel so much pressure to impress people.

I just wanted close friends and family in our back yard with a few snacks and a kiddie pool.  Does that make me a lame mom?  At first I thought that it might.  I felt sort of awkward when people would ask me what I had planned.  But then I realized that there are more important things than making a Pinterest board.

So we went to the grocery store, cleaned up our back yard, made a cake out of fruit, and called up some friends.

And we LOVED it!

I pulled out Anna’s blue, yellow and gray handmade decorations that she made for my baby shower.  (That was the color scheme of Poppyseed’s nursery – light and gender neutral!)  I loved that we’ve gotten two parties out of these things now!


Naturally, as I am in the middle of my Whole30, I wanted to make sure we had some healthy paleo snacks.  I made mini-meatball skewers (caramelized onion meatballs with a grape tomato, and mango jalapeno meatballs with a chunk of mango) and a homemade sweet potato hummus with raw veggies.  And of course Oatmeal requested bacon wrapped dates, so we had those, too.


Naturally, I served chips and pineapple guacamole as well.  There will never be a party at my house that doesn’t include guacamole.  Just telling you.


I didn’t have a centerpiece of anything, but Oatmeal’s aunt showed up with this awesome little gem.  Fresh flowers in a red wagon!


I struggled with what to serve as dessert.  I didn’t want to serve candy, cake, brownies or anything else unhealthy.  (I mean it really is odd that people give babies and toddlers sooooo much sugar on special occasions when you think about it!)  But…. I didn’t want to be a stick in the mud either.  I eventually remembered seeing grilled bananas online somewhere and decided to make a grilled banana bar with various toppings such as walnuts, pecans, honey, cinnamon, coconut and chocolate chips.  I must say, they turned out to be really delicious!



The only thing I would advise would be to stuff the bananas full of the toppings FIRST, then wrap them in foil and grill them for about 8-10 minutes.  I grilled them first (unwrapped) and then had our friends doctor them however they wanted to.  I should have done a trial run, but now I know…


My SIL, Jamie, helped me make the birthday cake of all birthday cakes.  Not gonna lie, it kinda looked like a snowman to begin with.  Yup, folks, that’s 2 watermelons worth of cake looks like.  We even stuck a big watermelon “V” at the top of it.  (What, you thought my daughter’s name was really Poppyseed?)


I will have you know that if you choose to make a cake out of two large watermelons, just be prepared for the end result to weigh more than your child.  You’ll need a strong person to carry that sucker out when it’s time to sing “Happy Birthday!”

Luckily, I know exactly where to find such a guy.


You can still put birthday candles in watermelon, you know.


My sweet girl.  I can’t wait to hear what she says when she is 15 and looks back at the crazy fruit cake that her fruit cake of a mom made for her when she was 1.


But hey, mission accomplished!  The other kiddos LOVED it!



Poppyseed plucked about 20 strawberries from the cake, took one bite out of each, and then cast the remains aside.  And we let her.

Because it was her cake, after all, and I was just there to support her.


I love our little family of three.  My husband is gold for helping me put together our little shindig.


A lot of people that we love were there to celebrate with us.  Oatmeal’s parents drove up from Sealy, as did the Bursons.



Uncle John brought 2 of his 3, Bella and June, but in the picture below he is holding Jamie’s newest addition, Maggie.


And here is Junie with Baby Poppyseed….


Aunt Jamie came with Little Joanie and Baby Maggie.  I can’t believe how big she is now.


I love that she and Poppyseed are so close in age – only 6 months apart!


Overall it was just fun to have our friends, family and neighbors take part in our celebration.




I love Poppyseed’s cute little one piece!   Keeping it classy.  This was her first time to be in a kiddie pool.  She was a little apprehensive until we had a pep talk.




She got lots of great gifts to include clothing, toys and books…. some of them are shown below.


I can’t wait until she starts to walk and I can put her in these dresses!  And we LOVE wooden toys!


It was a great party.  I wouldn’t change a thing, and I hope that one day Poppyseed looks back on the pictures and realizes just how loved she is.  Happy Birthday my sweet little Poppyseed.

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  1. Beautiful party! May have to steal your food ideas for Presleys first birthday, looks so yummy! Love that you didn’t give into the giving 1 year old real cake trend! Johnny made Paxton a somewhat healthy carrot cake cupcake. It was a compromise.

  2. Looks sooooo FUN…… wish I could’ve been there!

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