Yoga and Mississippi

I feel like the past few weeks have been so incredibly perfect.  I think a lot of it is because I really like springtime, we have a few weddings and birthdays going on, and I have been having so much fun hanging out with Poppyseed.

I decided to try something new and sign P and I up for a baby yoga class.  One of my neighbors mentioned it to me, and I also saw it on a few Facebook groups that I’m in.  I went by the baby boutique that hosts it and asked a few questions, and they assured me that I did not need to train my 1 year old to hold child’s pose or downward dog for 5 seconds before I qualified for enrollment.  I was a little bit skeptical because Poppyseed is pretty difficult to keep still these days.  She is always crawling around, getting into whatever she can reach, and just doing, well, typical 1 year old baby stuff.

But, I decided to give it a shot anyway.  It’s just one night a week, for 30 minutes, so it can’t be that big of a disaster, can it?


So our first class was Thursday.  It was SO cheesy.  It really was.  The whole time I was there, I was kind of laughing at myself and the experience.  There were 8 moms and 8 babies.  I’d say that the babies were probably between 4-14 months old or so.  There wasn’t a whole lot of actual yoga that was done, at least by the mommies.  We did little cutesy yoga chants, and we would pick up our babies and sort of stretch their little limbs around while doing the cheers and such.  There were several times where I just sat on my yoga mat alone while Poppyseed crawled around and greeted the other participants.  The instructor seemed perfectly fine with that, and there were a few other babies doing the same thing.

Well let me tell you, despite how dorky I felt while doing the chants and cheers, Poppyseed LOVED it!  I don’t know if she is just that into baby yoga, or if she has just been extremely socially deprived since I pulled her out of daycare!  I’m telling you, she ate that stuff up!  The instructor would give us orders to put our babies in our laps and pull their feet around while singing, and she would crack up.  I am not kidding, she was ten times louder than the other babies when she laughed.  Then we’d stand up and sort of swing them around and she would literally squeal with delight.  I felt like the other moms and babies were looking at her and thinking, “What type of happy gas is this kid on?”  A few of the other kiddos were also giggling and smiling, and then there were some that were giving the blank stare.  (You have to know those are the kids that would say, “Really Mom?  Baby yoga?  I am sooooo not into this” if they could only speak.  That is probably the baby I used to be.)

Sooooo….. needless to say, we will be repeat yogis.

Another fun thing that we did was go to my stepbrother’s wedding.  Lance and Rebecca got hitched in Natchez, Mississippi.  I was born in Mississippi, but I’ve spent very little of my life there.  I was excited to go visit for the wedding and see all of the historic buildings, walk up and down the Mississippi River, and spend time with my family.

On Friday we went to the rehearsal dinner, which was gorgeous and a lot of fun.  Saturday was pretty much wide open, so we decided to do some walking around town.  We weren’t able to fit the stroller in the back of my car, but we were able to bring the Ergo.  That thing really does come in handy sometimes!  So we did a lot of walking and also stopped so that Poppyseed could practice walking.  I swear, she is bound to be walking within weeks, maybe days.  She is getting SO close.






We also just spent some downtime in our hotel room, which was its own type of fun.  No babies were harmed in the making of the pictures below, but the grandparents were none too pleased to view the video.


So, I have to admit that I have never seen a more gorgeous setting for a wedding.  The weather was perfect, and both the ceremony and wedding reception were at the Brandon Hall Plantation.



Poppyseed was the flower girl for the ceremony, which was so cute!  I was a tad worried about how she would do during the procession.  The idea was that she and the ring bearer (a 14 month old boy) would sit in a wagon together as 2 junior bridesmaids pulled them down the aisle.  I was pretty nervous about this only because the ceremony began a little after 6pm, and Poppyseed is very accustomed to going to sleep at 7pm.  By 6, she is usually eating dinner and getting a bath.  Any disruption of this schedule can have serious consequences!

I made sure she got a good nap that afternoon, and I gave her a snack just before 6.  When the time came to get into the wagon, she seemed fine with it.  I thought we were going to have a successful ride down the aisle until the little boy started crying!  I couldn’t help but chuckle as the bridesmaids pulled the wagon down the aisle with this bawling baby boy and my kid just staring at him with a questionable expression on her face.  By the time they got to the very front of the ceremony, I guess my baby had had enough of the crying.  She took one look at us and burst into tears, too!  The sensitive mommy in me felt really sad for her and wanted to go snatch her out of the wagon and tell her that she did great.  The normal person in me couldn’t help but crack up at how hilarious these two screaming babies looked in that wagon!  Eventually someone went and picked up the little boy, and then Poppyseed calmed down.  Oatmeal and I spent the ceremony on the first row, where we couldn’t really get up and go get her, so after it was all said and done we were relieved to find her playing in the wagon with her new junior bridesmaid friends.







After all that wagon riding business was over, we were able to just sit back and enjoy the reception.  It was really pretty, and the best part was getting to spend time with Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Sabrina, Granddaddy, Granny, Aunt Morgan, Uncle Lance, Almost Uncle Gary… the list goes on!




Oh, and did I mention that Oatmeal wore a tie?  He actually wore a tie both nights we were there – WATCH OUT!  It may or may not have required about 12 viewings of a few instructional youtube videos, but he got it!



Speaking of Oatmeal, I convinced him to let loose and have a little wine.  I’m not drinking for another week (I’m on day 23 of my Whole30 challenge), but I didn’t want him to hold back on my account.

I like tipsy Oatmeal.  I really do.  That may or not be our baby, stripped down to her diaper and slippers in the middle of a wedding reception.



There came a point where Poppyseed was shrieking and laughing deliriously, and it was just so obvious that she was done.  Totally done.  Uncle Jimmy almost put her to sleep on his chest by cuddling her and scratching her back (he’s always had a way with the babies), but we decided to just head back to the hotel.



One thing that was really special about the weekend was the moment where I really thought about all of our spouses.  I have a brother, sister, stepbrother, and stepsister.  At this point, 4 of 5 of us are married and 1 is engaged.  And the crazy thing is that we have all chosen our spouses well.  Every one of my siblings is spending their life with someone that is just awesome.  It really seems like we all have been blessed with people who we are truly compatible with, who we trust, who share our values, etc.  I think that is very rare in this day.  I would be lying if I were to say that I never looked at a newlywed or engaged couple and thought to myself, “They’ll never last.”  I am so grateful that I feel the opposite when I look at any of my brother’s or sister’s relationships.  I don’t think that any of us would claim that we are without some problems or never have obstacles, but I really do think that the foundation of a great marriage is in each of our lives.

I’m totally going to write more later, but it’s midnight and time for sleep.

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