Last weekend was awesome.  Why? 

No reason at all, really.  Nothing crazy happened.  It was just a weekend.  But we were at home, and we had a good time. 

When we first got married, we ALWAYS had weekend plans.  We were driving around seeing friends, and driving around seeing family, and driving around running errands. 

We still do that, but ever since I got into the last trimester and we slowed down the traveling a bit, we’ve spent some weekends at home, just living.  And I love it.

Weekends always make me slow down and think to myself, “Wow, I love living in the country.”

I grew up “sort of” in the country.  We lived just outside of the city limits, and we had enough land (heavily wooded land) that we couldn’t see any other houses around our house.  Until my parents separated, we did the whole horses and gardening bit.  Even after their separation, my brother and I spent hours and hours and hours roaming around the woods together, “making trails” and otherwise exploring.  It was a really lovely way to grow up.  But, we could get into town in less than 10 minutes, so we didn’t have to spend much time in the car.  I loved growing up that way, but I was so ready to get out of town when high school was over.  I moved to College Station and LOVED it.  I still wanted a taste of a big city, so I moved to Houston to work after college graduation.  It had its perks, and I enjoyed Houston while I was there.  Then I married Oatmeal, and in an odd twist of fate ended up in such a teensy little town… so far away from everything else.  Miles, miles, and more miles away from anything.  I spend so much of my time driving.  On one hand, I’ve gotten used to it.  On the other hand, I still get so frustrated when I realize I need an onion to make that recipe I’d planned for dinner, but I know that the nearest onion for sale is 15 miles away.  I miss convenience.  I miss everything being within a 2 mile radius. 

But, on the weekends when I have NO errands to run, and I get to go on a walk down our road, I just love it.  It’s just so pretty.

I mean…. there is no traffic.  I don’t have to walk my dogs on leashes.  I don’t have to watch out for cars.

If Poppyseed were here, and 5 years old, and running around like a crazy nut, I wouldn’t have to worry about him/her getting hit by a car, kidnapped, etc.  My kid could just go outside and play.   Just like we did growing up.

This is our “back yard.”  You can see our back porch.  Sure beats the heck out of a 1 acre lot. 

And I do love our magnolia tree.

This is Oatmeal riding our horse with a random 12 year old girl.  I’d never seen her before, she just sort of showed up in our back yard.  It turns out that her family lives down the road a little ways, and she had seen Oatmeal riding horses before and wanted to learn to ride.  So she just came on over and asked if she could ride, too.  Oatmeal saddled a horse for her and told her to get on.  Her parents weren’t even around.  Things like that happen in the country, and it’s okay.  It’s totally normal to trust people.  But if a family lived in a big city and someone’s 12 year old daughter wandered a half mile down the road to spend time with a strange man, that would be COMPLETELY different.  But in the country, more often than not, it’s just a more simple place to live.

And for the record, I love that my husband is so good with kids that he just saddles a horse and starts teaching a random little girl.  He is so serious about teaching kids, he never takes any shortcuts and he is so cautious with them, always taking time to explain things properly and correctly.  He makes me melt.

Look at that girl’s face.  Bliss.

Look at Rainy after that ride.  Exhausted.  Haha.  Horses are the best babysitters though, really.

So, when Oatmeal asks me where I want to live, I never know what to say.  Half of me says, “Please can we just live on a normal street with neighbors and a 2 minute drive to the grocery store.  I just want to be able to find a MAC counter nearby so that when I run out of mascara I don’t have to drive an hour to replace it.”  The other half of me wants to say, “Please move me and our unborn children as far away as possible, I’ll just order our groceries on Amazon and tip the UPS guy to bring them all the way into the kitchen.” 

I’m just really indecisive that way.  Part of being a woman, I suppose.

Anyway, enough pondering country living vs. city living.  Speaking of the UPS man making deliveries, our crib arrived this weekend!  I put Oatmeal to work assembling it as soon as it arrived.

Oatmeal is going to be really unhappy with my putting shirtless pictures of him on my blog, but I am just going to do it anyway.  This daddy-to-be getting Poppyseed’s nursery ready is just too sweet to not share. 

He even hung some wall art for me.  🙂  And he is so much more thorough than me, he measures and uses a level and everything.  If I had been the one to hang those pictures, they’d be a mess.

Love my Etsy finds!

These next few shots are from Saturday and Sunday.  My brother in law, his wife Bree, and their three girls came to stay the night with us.  We went to a little Valentine’s dance on Saturday night and then went to church together the next morning.

The dark picture below is of Oatmeal and his niece, Hopey, watching the teenagers break it down on the dance floor.  I laugh when I see this picture because I know that Oatmeal is thinking, “If my kids dance like this I’m jerking them out of high school and home schooling them.”  Oatmeal isn’t very open-minded when it comes to dancing.  😉

And this is my SIL and her youngest, June.

Oatmeal loves playing with his niece.  Sometimes watching the way he reacts to those girls makes me secretly hope that Poppyseed is a girl. If he loves a niece that much, I can’t even imagine what he’d feel for a daughter.

Only I may not like him spinning Poppyseed around like that.  Geezus, that just looks treacherous.

Welp, this is the end of my random weekend post.  Happy Monday.

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