Mother’s Day Recap

The past four or five days have flown by, and they have been so busy!

On Friday morning my MIL, Joanie, drove up to our house and we all three left for Louisiana.  My SIL and her band, The Trishas, were booked to play a gig in Alexandria.  Alexandria just happens to be where my mom lives now, and we have really liked the facility that she lives in.  The employees there are able to help her get up and out of bed multiple times a day, and they are even able to take her on little errands.  When we pulled up in front of her home, she was actually sitting on the front porch waiting on us.  Her hair was cut and colored (!!!), she was wearing a really cute dress – with earrings – and her makeup was done.  Hell, she’d even had her eyebrows waxed that morning!  I wanted to joke with her and say, “Who are you and where did you put my mother!?”  (Mom I know you are going to read that and get mad at me – but really, I was so happy to see you, and you looked so pretty!)

So Mom, her friend Marilyn, Poppyseed and I all went to eat dinner at Johnny Carinos.  We took this just before leaving, but we forgot to take a picture at the restaurant.  I really need to get better about taking pictures!


After we went to Carino’s, I took Poppyseed to Jamie’s hotel room where the band was getting ready for the show.  Joanie had very graciously agreed to babysit all 3 babies while all of us went to the restaurant for the concert.  Here she is with Little Charlie (15 months), Baby Maggie (6 months) and Poppyseed.  I got Poppyseed to go to sleep in her pack ‘n play and took off to pick up Mom.  The picture below is actually Poppyseed and Charlie in the pack ‘n play at the bar during sound check.



By the time I picked up my mom from her place it was 9pm.  She had been able to get back in bed and put her feet up for a few hours after dinner and was rejuvenated again!  We drove to the restaurant where the Trishas were playing, got a table right in front, and ordered some appetizers.  I even splurged and had a beer (first Bud Light in a LONG time), and we had a lot of fun talking with all the Trishas before the show started.  I wish I’d gotten a better picture of the girls, but this was all I took.  It’s a blurry shot of my freaking amazing SIL singing, playing the guitar, the kick drum, and harmonica all at the same time.

And you thought you were coordinated.


Mom really seemed to love the show.  She smiled a lot and said many times that the girls were so talented and entertaining.  They really are, and they are also really witty and funny in between songs.   Mom really ate it up.  It was a pretty long show, and I wasn’t sure if she would last through the whole thing.  (Okay, and by she I also mean me…. I was also really getting tired once we started creeping up on midnight.)  She made it almost until the very end and then we decided to just go ahead and duck out during the last song.


I didn’t get her back to the facility until 1am – and she was BEAT!  I dropped her off, went over to the hotel room to pick up Poppyseed and then drove over to my mom’s friend’s house to spend the night.  We only got to sleep from 2am-6am and then Poppyseed was up and ready to begin her day.  Oy.

We were up and out the door early.  We grabbed some oatmeal and coffee, stopped by Mom’s long enough to say goodbye, and then hit the road back toward Texas… nothing like making a 5 hour roadtrip in one direction and heading back home less than 18 hours later!  But hey, it was totally worth it.  Mom and I had such a great time at that concert.

Once we got back to Texas, I pretty much just went by my house long enough to shower and repack our bags.  Then we were back on the road to Sealy.  We spent the day riding horses, cooking and just playing around.  That night we went to bed really late and I was SOOOO tired from sleeping only from 2am-6am the night before and then spending a third of the day in the car!  Poppyseed woke up at 3am and 5am (as she tends to do when sleeping in a new place) and I was literally so thankful when Oatmeal got up with her at 5am.  I slept like a rock until 8am and woke up to hot coffee and breakfast.  We played around a little bit that morning and then went back up to College Station, where we had dinner at Grub (yum!) and went to bed early.  Can’t really beat that.  It was a perfect Mother’s Day.






Here is a video of us doing the “Baby Relay Race” on Mother’s Day morning with Poppyseed.  We don’t need a lot of props to have fun in our little mini family.

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